Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia-a coalition of civil society for transparency and accountability in the management of extractive resources, has a vision for the realization of governance of extractive resources in Indonesia that is transparent, accountable and in favor of national interests so that it becomes capital for prosperity and social justice. To realize this vision, PWYP has a mission in (1) developing national and local campaigns for accountability and transparency in the governance of oil and gas extractive resources, mining, and other extractive sectors; (2) Strengthening civil society groups at the local and national levels to encourage accountability and transparency in the governance of the oil and gas extractive resources, mining and other extractive sectors; and (3) To oversee the process of forming and implementing legislation related to transparency and accountability of extractive resources.

As with the Strategic Plan and the results of the discussion of the Publish What You Pay Indonesia National Working Meeting, there are several coalition agendas in encouraging improved governance of extractive resources at various levels, both national and local. Where the scope of work includes several issues in the chain of change (chain for a change) that become the pillars of work publish what you pay: publish why you pay and how you extract (the decision chain before exploiting and monitoring extractive activities); publish what you pay (the production, sales, payment, and revenue chain extractive sector); publish what you earn and how you spent (revenue chain and extractive income-expenditure), and publish what you preach and what you learn (chain of governance, capacity building, and learning sharing).

To strengthen the coalition’s commitment in implementing the strategic plan and work agenda, which was carried out both by the National Secretariat and by all members of the Publish What You Pay Indonesia coalition, the PWYP Indonesia National Secretariat made an invitation to carry out coalition work activities through the “Small Grant Activity / SGA”. The SGA is intended to support members’ activities related to improving extractive resource governance, both at the national and regional levels, based on the achievement of the PWYP Indonesia Coalition Renstra and Work Agenda. SGA is supported by The Ford Foundation.

General requirements:
1. SGA is primarily intended for members of the Publish What You Pay Indonesia coalition, as contained in the following list http/anggota-dan-mitra/
2. Activities supported by SGA mainly refer to the Indonesia Strategic Plan and Results Meeting of PWYP Indonesia as attached to this invitation announcement.
3. The duration of the activity which is supported by SGA is between 1 (one) to 3 (three) months
4. Activities supported by SGA include but are not limited to:
– Compilation of baselines and database profiles of extractive industries in the regions and governance problems;
– Search flow and map issues on extractive sector revenues to encourage transparency and accountability for extractive revenues,
– Governance and accountability of extractive industry licenses/contracts,
– Information disclosure and transparency in the extractive sector,
– Environmental and social accountability of extractive industries,
– EITI contextualization at the regional level
– Increased stakeholder capacity in extractive industry governance,
– Preparation of learning materials in advocacy for improving extractive industry governance,
– Community assistance in rights-based advocacy for stakeholders related to the extractive industry
– Transparency and accountability in the management of extractive industry revenue for poverty reduction and basic rights services for the community
– Communication and public campaign activities for improving extractive industry governance
5. One member organization can only submit one support for SGA activities
6. SGA support can be harmonized with the main programs/activities that are currently being undertaken by member institutions

How to Apply:
1. Submission of proposed activities is carried out by filling out the SGA’s interest sheet and proposal form as attached to this announcement, a maximum of 2 pages.
2. Budget components supported by SGA include honorarium, local transport, and meeting packages.
3. The interest sheet and proposal form are sent via email to, copied to
4. The interest sheet and proposal form are signed by the chairman/director of the institution and received by the National Secretariat no later than, Thursday, April 9, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. WIB

Assessment Criteria and Process:
1. The National Secretariat of PWYP Indonesia will conduct an assessment based on the main criteria: alignment with the Strategic Plan and Results of the National Working Meeting, Conformity between the title of the activity with the objectives and outputs, as well as the context of the area distribution and the issues being worked on.
2. In the process of proposing and evaluating and reviewing, the National Secretariat will conduct in-depth communication and discussion with members ##.
1. SGA Form:
2. Renstra PWYP:
3. Matriks Rakernas PWYP: