, JAKARTA – The discussion of the draft Oil and Gas Law must be carried out immediately to resolve various problems in the energy sector, particularly the governance issues of the oil and gas industry.
Chairperson of Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia Steering Board, Fabby Tumiwa urged the DPR, especially Commission VII, to immediately discuss the Oil and Gas Bill. According to him, to date, there has not been any significant development from the discussion of the Oil and Gas Bill.

Fabby who also serves as Executive Director of the Institute for Essential Service Reform (IESR) stated that the root of various problems in the oil and gas sector is the legal umbrella that still has many gaps, both in terms of planning, management, guidance, and supervision.

“At least there are some key issues that must be included in the discussion of the Oil and Gas Bill, namely the planning of oil and gas management, the upstream oil and gas institutional model that allows the process of checks and balances of regulatory bodies, managing SOEs, Petroleum Fund, DMO, reserve funds, cost recovery, participating interest, protection from the impact of oil and gas activities, as well as reform of the information system and participation, “he said through an official statement, Sunday (05/29/2016).

The Oil and Gas Bill was set as one of the bills included in the 2016 priority National Legislation Program (Prolegnas).