Youth Xtra Active (YXA) is a youth initiative encouraging reform in managing Extractive Natural Resources. Youth must be involved in energy and natural resources management because they are the ones who will be affected by energy and natural resources governance. First and foremost, young people must be familiar, aware, and empowered when engaging in energy and natural resources management.

YXA was established on May 25, 2018, which marks the 20th anniversary of Indonesia’s reform movement. The initiative is supported by Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia, a coalition of civil society organizations focused on improving transparency and accountability in the energy and natural resources sectors.

One of YXA’s programs is the Youth Xtra Active Camp, a series of webinar discussions that engage young people to learn about energy and natural resources management in Indonesia.

Why We Started

The Urgency of Shifting from Fossil Energy to Renewable Energy

Indonesia has abundant coal resources. With coal production in 2023 reaching 8.5% of the world’s total production, Indonesia occupies the third position as the highest coal-producing country in the world (Global Fire Power, 2023).

One of the Indonesian government’s commitments is to reduce global temperatures by 2 degrees – a goal shared by the Paris and Morocco Agreements, which aim to reduce carbon emissions by 29%. In addition, the national energy policy aims to reduce coal use in the national energy mix target, from 30% coal use in 2025 to 25% in 2050. In other words, the national energy policy directs national energy sources to no longer be dominated by fossil fuels but rather by renewable energy.

The fact that coal remains the primary commodity of state revenue remains despite the government’s ‘commitment’ to reduce global temperatures below 2 degrees. Therefore, the government must be more severe and consistent to achieve this goal. Youth needs to encourage the government and relevant stakeholders to commit to reducing coal production and make genuine efforts for a just transition from fossil energy to renewable energy.

Our Goal

  1. Invite youth to care and take action on fossil energy’s environmental and social impacts.
  2. Raise youth awareness on a just transition from fossil energy to renewable energy.
  3. Encourage active participation of young people in collective global action to advocate for the transition from fossil to renewable energy.