Youth Xtra Active (YXA) is a youth initiative that pushes for reform in Extractive Natural Resources management. We believe that youth should be involved in managing Natural Resources as they will be the ones who will be affected by Natural Resources Management. First and foremost, youths shall be familiar, aware, and empowered when it comes to getting themselves involved with Natural Resources management.

YXA was established on 25 Mei 2018, which marked the 20 years momentum of Indonesia’s reformation movement. The initiative is powered by Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia, a civil society organizations coalition that focuses on promoting transparency, and accountability in the extractive sector.

One of the YXA programs is the Youth Xtra Active Camp, which will involve youths to get them familiar with mining management in a place that is rich in natural resources. YXA also welcomes you who want to be actively involved in this initiative as a volunteer for our future programs and events!

Why We Start

Indonesia has abundant coal resources. With coal production in 2017 reaching 7.2% of total world production, Indonesia occupies the fourth position as the highest coal-producing country in the Asia Pacific Region after China, Australia, and India.

Do you know where exported coal comes from? East Kalimantan is one of the highest-producing coal provinces in Indonesia where there are around 1,488 Mining Business Permits (IUP) and 33 Coal Mining Work Agreements (PKP2B). Needless to say, there are many gaps in what used to be mining pits in this province, where there are 32 pits in Samarinda City alone.

Coal mining activities also resulted in both environmental and social losses as many mining companies do not restore the land to the way it was originally after mining activities. Coal Coordination and Data Supervision (Korsup Minerba) shows that only 50% of mineral and coal IUP (mining license) holders place reclamation and post-mining guarantee funds. This means there are around 5,000 mineral and coal IUPs operating without fulfilling environmental obligations. Looking at its impact on the social aspect, the mining pit has claimed 29 lives (during 2011-2018).

Urgency in Shifting from Fossil Energy to Renewable Energy

One of the Indonesian government’s commitments is to reduce global temperature by 2 degrees– a goal that is shared by the Paris Agreement and Maroko which aims to reduce 29% of carbon emissions. In 2019, a mandate to reduce coal production by up to 400 million was issued by the National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) of 2015-2019. Additionally, the national energy policy aims to reduce coal use in the national energy mix target, from 30% of coal use in 2025 to 25% in 2050. In other words, the national energy policy directs national energy sources to no longer be dominated by fossil energy, but by renewable energy instead.

Despite what has been recorded by the documents, the number of coal production has always been higher compared to the RPJMN target. The Coal Production data in the last 3 years (2015-2017) shows that the product realization always exceeded that of the RPJMN target. The fact that coal remains the main commodity of the state revenue persists despite the government’s ‘commitment’ to reducing global temperature below 2 degrees. Therefore, the government has to be more serious and consistent to reach this goal.

It is essential to encourage the government and related stakeholders to commit to reducing coal production and making real efforts for a fair transition from fossil energy to renewable energy.

As an initiative that involves young people in extractive resources management, Youth XtrActive, we are here to encourage regional leaders and agents of change to aim for a just and immediate transition from fossil energy to renewable. In collaboration with 350.org Indonesia, POKJA 30, and JATAM East Kalimantan in global action with Rise for Climate “Stand Up for Action Climate”, Youth XtrActive will hold its Camp activities as the manifestation of our cause.

Part of the Rise for Climate “Rise to Action for the Climate” activities series, The “Youth XtrActive Camp” will invite Indonesian youth to get to know the other side of coal mining. Not only that, they will learn how the coal mines are managed in East Kalimantan, and how they impact the environment and social conditions in East Kalimantan and its surroundings. Selected young people will also visit several ex-mining pits in East Kalimantan as they will also discuss with the local community and youth, as well as agents of change.

Aside from the visit, there will be a public discussion and collective declaration with the participants, especially those who come from East Kalimantan on the last day. This declaration will be the momentum where the youth ask their regional leader to commit to “cease the coal mining practice and switch to the use of renewable energy immediately in East Kalimantan.” This activity aims to encourage young people and academics in East Kalimantan to voice the importance of a fair and immediate transition from fossil energy to renewable energy.

Our Objectives

To invite youths, especially those domiciled from East Kalimantan, who are active on social media to see first-hand the environmental and social impacts of fossil energy.

Delivering poor governance and environmental and social impacts of coal mining activities in East Kalimantan and social media platforms.

To raise youth’s awareness of the fair transition from fossil energy (coal) to renewable energy.

Encouraging the active participation of young people in joint global action carried out at the local level in voicing the transition from fossil energy to 100% renewable energy that is fair and immediate through the Rise for Climate action on 8 September 2018.


  1. Understanding mining management and its impact on the environment, climate, and local communities.
  2. 10 participants will have to produce campaign content in the form of articles, videos, photos, infographics, poetry, caricatures, comics, and other products as a result of field visits using the main hashtag #riseforclimate. The content of this campaign will be conveyed to the public both directly and through various social media platforms which began at the Rise for Climate Action on September 8, 2018, namely the participants’ social media; PWYP Indonesia, 350.org Indonesia, Pokja 30, JATAM East Kalimantan, and other local youth organizations. A compilation of the content produced, to be made by PWYP Indonesia, contains link information and data from 10 participants.
  3. The Strike that is conducted by around 80 young people in Samarinda for Rise for Climate on September 8 will be documented in the form of “photo ops and video ops” through banners containing the message that East Kalimantan youths demand the practice of coal mining in East Kalimantan to be stopped and local leaders to commit to the use of renewable energy for the local communities.