National Coordinator

National Coordinator is daily manager of National Coalition of PWYP Indonesia’s policy (Article 24). National Coordinator is chosen and decided in General Assembly Meeting for 3 (three) years period and only can be reelected for one subsequent period.


National Coordinator serves to consolidate the coalition, facilitate members, communicate issues covered in the working scope of National Coalition of PWYP Indonesia and develop coalition’s capacity under direction of Advisory Board.


Liaise interaction and communication with the network of PWYP global, regional, other countries as well as other networks,
Provide support for the need of members,
Establish coalition’s communication, including data and information collecting regarding extractive resources as well as member’s product and activity,
Conduct policy advocacy in the national level and facilitate advocacy in the sub-national level conducted by members,
Develop member’s capacity,
Carry out the administration of membership, partner, observer, and coalition’s activity,
Seek sources of funding for the implementation of function and duties,
Compose working plan and annual budget of National Coalition of PWYP Indonesia.


Execute working plan and annual budget arranged by the Advisory Board,
Appoint member organization to carry out the activities that has been decided,
Recruit staff for program, finance, administration and internal control,
Request information and documentation from member,
Represent National Coalition of PWYP Indonesia in the international, national, local and multi-stakeholder forum,
Manage program and budget of National Coalition of PWYP Indonesia,
Use symbol and tools of National Coalition of PWYP Indonesia,
On behalf of National Coalition of PWYP Indonesia for the purpose of fundraising, conflict resolution, mediation, lobby, advocacy and campaign also represent organization in the agreement and engagement with other parties.

Profile National Coordinator

Aryanto Nugroho

Aryanto Nugroho is the National Coordinator of PWYP Indonesia 2020-2024. Joined since 2014 as Advocacy and Program Development Manager who plays a role in running several PWYP Indonesia’s advocacy programs and agendas. Aryanto is also the Representative of Civil Society in the 2015-2020 EITI Indonesia Implementation Team and Co-Chair of Civil Society (C20) Indonesia.

Previously, Aryanto worked at PATTIRO Semarang and was also active in assisting program implementation on several issues. His activeness in organizing has been started since his college days. Aryanto has served as the President of the Student Executive Board (BEM) of Diponegoro University and the Coordinator of the All-Indonesian BEM for the Central Java and DIY regions.

Maryati Abdullah

Maryati Abdullah, is National Coordinator of Publish What You Pay Indonesia. She was born in Sukoharjo, Solo. Having degree on Chemistry in Gadjah Mada University and currently enrolled in Graduate School of Planning and Public Policy, Economic Depatment of Universitas Indonesia, she has background of expertise and experience on issues regarding freedom of information, natural resources revenue transparency, economic development planning and public policy, corporate accountability and sustainable development and natural resource governance. Back then, she used to be Chair of Student Representative Council in UGM. Prior joining PWYP, she served as a Program Manager of PATTIRO in transparency and development issue and Head of Research and Development Division in Parliament Watch (PARWI) Yogyakarta.

Previously, Maryati was selected as civil society representative on EITI multi-stakeholder group in Coordinating Ministry for Economy and also actively involved as Core Team of Open Government Indonesia in President’s Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight. On the period of 2013-2014, she was chosen as a member of global steering committee of Open Government Partnership (OGP).

Ridaya Laode Ngkowe

Ridaya Laode Ngkowe, is former National Coordinator of Publish What You Pay Indonesia for period 2008-2012, after serves as a member and vice coordinator of Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW). He holds bachelor degree in Regional Development Planning, Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gajah Mada (1994-2000). He continued his study under International Fellowship Program by Ford Foundation at the Graduate School of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham, majoring International Political Economy with thesis titled “Politics of Macroeconomic Management in Indonesia 1980s and Onwards”.

Currently, besides working as a specialist of research policy development in the project of political representation system improvement in Indonesia, he also serves as Chair of Executive Board of IDEA, NGO based in Yogyakarta where he started his career in civil society movement. He has big interest on issues regarding of development politic, transparency and accountability in the extractive industry sector and institutional strengthening of non-profit organizations.