The Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation is an independent, nonprofit grant-making organization. For more than 75 years it has worked with courageous people on the frontlines of social change worldwide, guided by its mission to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation, and advance human achievement. Ford Foundation’s goal in Indonesia is to create economic opportunity and offer increased access and participation in local governance for poor and socially marginalized communities. Ford Foundation supports PWYP Indonesia (2013-2015)in the program of “Reversing the Resources Curse” to prevent and reverse resource curse which occurs in rich mining and oil and gas resource regions in Indonesia through strengthening of poverty alleviation strategies, endorsing multistakeholder dialog, provide technical assistant to the public institution on implementation of freedom of information law, developing resource center forintegrative data and information system on poverty and extractive governance, empowering community right and participation, as well as transparency of revenue share from natural resource for poverty alleviation program.

The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation is a nonprofit international development organization committed to improving lives across a dynamic and developing Asia. Informed by six decades of experience and deep local expertise, the asis foundation’s programs address critical issues affecting Asia in the 21st century—governance and law, economic development, women’s empowerment, environment, and regional cooperation. The Asia Foundation supports Publish What You Pay Indonesia through SETAPAK program, funded by United Kingdom Climate Change Unit – British Embassy. The Asia Foundation’s environmental governance (SETAPAK) program is focused on improving forest and land governance in Indonesia. Good forest and land governance will allow Indonesia’s decentralized governance to ensure transparency and accountability in the management, protection and distribution of benefits from natural resources to achieve pro-poor sustainable growth. SETAPAK-The Asia Foundations supports PWYP Indonesia (2014-2015) to promote improvement of governance through strengthening capacity of CSOs in understanding the the governance and flow of revenue from extractive resources sector (forestry and mining), developing multi-stakeholder dialogue on extractive governance, engaging with coordinations and supervision of anti-corruption commission on mineral and coal sectors, as well as encourage transparency of spatial data in the forest and land based extractive industries sector.


is an international organisation that seeks new solutions to persistent global issues. With smart projects in the right places, Hivos oppose discrimination, inequality, abuse of power and the unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. Hivos share a dream with them of sustainable economies and inclusive societies. Hivos supports Publish What You Pay Indonesia (2014-2015) in Southeast Asia Technology and Transparency Initiative — SEATTI program, a joint initiative between Omidyar Network and Hivos. SEATTI was established with the purpose of supporting civil society organizations that use, or intend to use, technology and media platforms to empower citizens in their respective countries to ensure public institutions are transparent and accountable. SEATTI-Hivos support PWYP Indonesia to promote development of open data platform in extractive sector that accessible for public and machine-readable, develop pilot program as a lesson learnt of strengthening and involvement of community to monitor extractive industry’ operation and budget spending of local government.


The Natural Resource Governance Institute — (NRGI, formerly Revenue Watch Institute) helps people to realize the benefits of their countries’ endowments of oil, gas and minerals. The institute do this through technical advice, advocacy, applied research, policy analysis, and capacity development. Natural Resources Governance Institute (NRGI) supported Publish What You Pay Indonesia from the beginning of developing the coalitions in 2007 untill 2010 throught member host organization : Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) and Transparency International Indonesia (TII). In 2014 through IKAT-US (Inisiatif Kemitraan Asia Tenggara-United State) program, NRGI supported Publish What You Pay Indonesia to strengthening capacity through experience and lesson learns exchange and sharing on effective, transparent, accountable governance in oil, gas, and minerals in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia andEast Timor). In 2015, NRGI support Publish What You Pay Indonesia on the strengthening and communicating EITI as tools for policy reform in extractive industries governance.

Voice - HIVOS

Voice is an innovative grant that supports the most marginalised and discriminated people in ten countries in Africa and Asia. It aims to amplify and connect thus far unheard voices in efforts to leave no one behind. Voice is an initiative by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is executed by a consortium between Oxfam Novib and Hivos. In Indonesia, Voice is managed by Hivos and has been working in 12 provinces as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Indonesian government. VOICE support PWYP Indonesia for the empowerment of local groups and communities in forming advocacy movements across Indonesia in order to create the change they most desire for themselves. This is intended to ensure the fulfillment of the rights of indigenous peoples to access the productive resources such as land, water, environment, and other resources as their livelihood.


Extractive Industry and Forest Governance (EIFG) is a grant fund convened by World Resources Institute (WRI) that aims to promote broad uptake and innovative use of Global Forest Watch (GFW) tools by civil society groups around the world. The fund provides financial and technical support to civil society organizations to apply deforestation early warning systems to support their work to strengthen local forest management and conservation practices, conduct evidence-based advocacy and campaigning, and promote greater transparency in land-use decision making. EIFG supports PWYP Indonesia to encourage and increase community participation in forest sustainability in the West Papua Province by overlay GFW, GLAD Alert, and mining data, and report the findings to the relevant government authorities and stakeholders to encourage fast responses and law enforcement on findings of violations in forest areas.

The “Inisiatif Kemitraan Asia Tenggara – United States (IKAT-U.S.)”

The “Inisiatif Kemitraan Asia Tenggara – United States (IKAT-U.S.)” or “Southeast Asia – U.S. Partnership: Civil Societies Innovating Together” is an unprecedented effort by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to facilitate the sharing of the expertise and experiences of Indonesian civil society groups outside Indonesia, by developing and implementing projects on a range of democracy, governance, and human rights subjects in partnership with their counterparts from U.S. civil society and Southeast Asian countries. Coordinated by the Natural Resources Governance Institute (NRGI), IKAT-US supports PWYP Indonesia in initiating cross-country capacity building and sharing extractive industry governance experiences in Southeast Asian countries, including promoting the development of Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) implementation models or other mechanisms related to extractive governance reform, capacity building, policy advocacy, multi-stakeholder dialogue and advocacy in influencing the policies of regional institution such as ASEAN.