This September 2016 Newsletter summarizes the journey of the Reversing Resource Curse Program (Refusing the Curse of Natural Resources) (2014-2015) which took place in 4 regions, namely: Aceh Utara-NAD, Indragiri Hulu-Riau, Bojonegoro-East Java, and West Sumbawa- NTB.

This newsletter highlights the efforts made by the PWYP Indonesia coalition to encourage transparency and use revenue from the extractive sector for poverty alleviation programs in the regions, increase the capacity of stakeholders in effective poverty reduction, and in encouraging the implementation of public information disclosure in the extractive sector.

In addition, also through empowering the poor and marginalized through community centers. And the development of resource centers as a means of integrating data and information in the management of extractive industries and poverty reduction.

In Publication , Newsletter | PWYP Indonesia | October 11st , 2016