Several tourists see a hundred statues of the 8th year remnants of the Lapindo mudflow embankment that is an area of the Porong mud barrier embankment, Sidoarjo, East Java, Sunday (10/5)., JAKARTA – Publish What Your Pay (PWYP) Indonesia is urging the government to terminate the cooperation contract with Lapindo Brantas Inc., both exploration and exploitation activities in Sidoarjo, East Java.

Aryanto Nugroho, PWYP Advocacy and Network Manager, said the government’s move which only temporarily stopped and reviewed the drilling was considered inadequate to resolve the problem.

As is known, Lapindo previously said it would conduct new drilling located about 2 kilometers from the previous mud source.

“The government must learn from the experience of Lapindo Brantas in handling hot mudflow which has not been completed since 2006,” said Aryanto in his statement in Jakarta, Thursday (1/14).

He said the incident in 2006 caused the death of the joints of social, economic, and environmental life of the people of Sidoarjo. Aryanto added that it had not been added to the state’s money that was to bear compensation or provide bailouts.

Lapindo plans to drill at Tanggulangin Well (TGA) -6 and Tanggulangi (TGA) -10 which are located close to settlements. PWYP assesses that the community has never received accurate information, especially on environmental impacts.