JAKARTA – “There is a lot of things that have been unfilled if we compare between 2nd EITI Indonesia report (2010-2011) with EITI new standard 2013”, said Emanuel Bria, Senior Officer Asia Pacific of Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) on her presentation in focus group discussion “Gap Assessment EITI Indonesia” held by PWYP Indonesia on March 2nd, 2015 in Jakarta.

FGD was attended by PWYP Indonesia Coalition around Jakarta was conducted to see how far the “gap” between 2nd report with EITI new standard considering 3rd EITI report which is currently being drafted must use new EITI standard. Some information that need to be completed in 3rd report must fit into new standards such as; contract and licenses information, data of production, data of export, revenue allocation, and information about SOEs. This meeting produces some recommendations to ensure the process of reporting, reconciliation, and publication of the report in accordance with EITI new standard.