JAKARTA – Due to some external factors in the procurement process, EITI Implementation Team agreed to ask EITI International Board of approval on deadline extension of publication 3rd EITI report. The meeting held on 22 December, 2014 reaffirmed government’s commitment to accelerate reporting process that has been delayed because of the transition process to new cabinet era of Jokowi – JK.

As scoping consultant for the 3rd EITI report, Ernst & Young, explained the scoping note of EITI report accordance with new standard EITI. While CSOs highlighted the importance of technical and detailed discussion rather than written consultation. It is important, so that agreement over substantial aspect on the scoping notes can be achieved through deeper dialogue and discussion among EITI stakeholders.

As the final session, Dyveke Rogan from EITI International Secretariat delivered EITI new standard including contract and license, monitoring of production, revenue collection and allocation, also expenditure. Specifically, Dyveke highlighted the importance for Indonesia to present the report in an open and user friendly format, also informative by providing contextual information which is needed by public now. Minutes of meeting can be accessed in [http://eiti.ekon.go.id] or Download Minutes of Meeting