JAKARTA – Substitution of civil society’s representative in 2014 EITI Implementation Team as well as the status of Indonesia as compliant country become momentum for CSO to reflect the effectiveness of CSO’s role in EITI Indonesia including monitoring EITI as an instrument to improve governance of extractive industries governance in Indonesia. To optimize CSO’s role, conducted consolidation to prepare more detailed strategic agenda and working plan of CSOs.

CSO consolidation was organized by PWYP Indonesia along with Article 33 Indonesia on 18-19 December 2014 and attended by around 20 CSO representative both from local and national level. The discussion was divided into several cluster which highlight some important issues, such as non-tax revenues, mining, oil and gas revenues, social and environmental aspect and institutional aspect. Additionally, Dyveke Rogan, EITI Regional Representative also joined consolidation. EITI Regional Representative. She elaborated the new EITI standard and challenges to implement it as well.

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