Several reformation agendas in mineral and coal sector are still stagnant. One of them is the governance of non-CnC mining permits, whose number reach around 4000 permits throughout Indonesia. Today, the authority for permit revocation has been transferred to the governor after the issuance of Law Number 23 Year 2014 concerning Local Government.

The insistence for governor in 32 mining producer provinces was delivered by Anti Mining Mafia, which consists of several civil society representation. This is part of the recommendations from Coordination and Supervision of KPK in mineral and coal sector and also mandated by Ministry Regulation No. 43/3015 about Evaluation Procedure of Mineral and Coal Permit Issuance.

Researcher of Economic Policy at PWYP Indonesia said, based on data of Directorate General Mineral and Coal, there are still 3982 non-CnC mining permits, 1.37 million hectare of mining permits overlapping with the conservation forest, 4.39 million hectare of mining permits overlapping with the protection forest, 1087 mining permits have no Tax Identity Number. Besides that, 75% of mining permits do not pay reclamation and post mining fund, and the mining company have yet to pay 25 trillion of financial obligation.

On the other hand, according to Wiko, the first deadline for mining permits governance was over, it should be on last 12 May 2016. The ministry of energy and mineral resources should be able to use his privilege based on Mining Act no. 4/2009 article 152 in handling the problematic mining permits. “Governor also should pay attention and follow up the mining regulation 43/2015, to revoke the non C&C mining permits,” said Wiko, in Thamrin area last (11/5).

Researcher of Auriga Nusantara, Syahrul Fitra explained the finding of field research that’s conducted in East Kalimantan and Jambi Province. According to him, the government of Jambi has revoked 98 mining permits with total area 291.631,7 hectares during 2014-2015, that consist of 94 mining permits of coal, 3 gold mining permits, 1 mining permit of iron. In Luar Kota District, the operation production of coal mining around 1000 hectare has been revoked by Muaro Jambi Regency, but it’s presumably still operate and transport the coal out of the concession until early of April.

In the Mandiangin District PT Minemex Indonesia, the 3700 hectare coal operation permits is not conducting mining reclamation. “One ex-mining concession around 90 hectare in Mandingangin district is still wide open, thus it will harm the environment as well as citizen around mining area,” affirmed Syahrul.

Hendrik Siregar, Executive Director of JATAM welcomed the statement of President Joko Widodo about moratorium regulation plan. According to him, the moratorium should not only be carried out for new mining permits issuance, but also for governing the problematic permits.

In addition, Hendrik also highlighted the mining problem in East Kalimantan. The total victim caused by ex-mining concession are 24 people. Huge number of victims shall be the priority for government to curb mining permits operated near community settlement. Hendrik also encouraged the government to discipline the companies that have yet to pay reclamation and post mining fund. [Asr]