Java land which has mining resources less than Kalimantan and Sumatra, has many mining, forest, and plantation problems. Ronald M Ferdaus from Forest Coallition Monitoring in Java, says that messy problems in KPK’s Coordinaton and Supervision Activity which focus on Mining sector, in Semarang, West Java, last (20/5). This Coordination and Supervision focus for West Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java.

According to civil society finding from Directorat General Planology in 2014, that mining licenses in 4 provinces are located in protection and conservation forest. 58 mining licenses entered protection forest, and 15 mining licenses entered in conservation forest. “Response this, the antimining mafia coallition ask government to stop mining company which operate in protection and conservation forest, and urge KPK to investigate the possibility corruption case in granting of these licenses.” Said Ronald.

Ronald add, its almost 50% mining license in 4 provinces still have non-Clear and Clean status. According to Directorat General Mineral and Coal’s data, there are many violiations by owner of license in running mining business.”Also less of sanction from local and central government for the owner of Non-CnC license” add Ronald.

The reality of mining in Java has its own characteristic. The emergence of exploitation potency against karst mountains in Rembang and Sewu Karst Mountains which located from Pacitan, East Java, to Gunung Kidul, DI Yogyakarta. “Whereas the karst area save the water in large scale enough. So, if there is exploitation in this area, it will be reduce the storage of water significantly.” said Ronald. So, no wonder if there are many local community often reject the plan to build a cement factory.

The acting chairman of KPK, Johan Budi SP, said that he disappointed because none of governor who attended the event. KPK’s Coordination and Supervision attended by several delegations from civil society organization, such as : PWYP Indonesia, WALHI, Auriga, YLBHI, KPA, KPH Java, WALHI Jogja, ARUPA, IDEA Yogyakarta, Front Nahdiyin for Natural Resources Sovereignity , LBH Jogya, SD Inpres Jember, PPLH Mangkubumi Tulungagung, FITRA Jatim, Pusaka Sidoarjo, KPA Jawa Tengah, LPPSLH, Agra Wonosobo, Setam Cilacap, LPAW Blora, LBH Semarang, JPIK Jateng, SPP Pasundan, dan WALHI West Java.

Monitoring by Civil Society in East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara

KPK’s Coordination and Supervision in mining sector in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara, is also monitored by civil society from East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara. Anti Mining Mafia Coallition’s finding the total of potential lost are Rp64,47 billion. “The counting result find that the potential lost in Nusra area is according to Governemnt Regulation no 9/2012 about tariff and non-taxx revenue” said Melkio Nahar from Walhi NTT, Thursday (4/6).

Melki said that there is significant difference between local potential revenue and its realization. This difference its called potential lost. “During 2010-2013 the potential lost in Nusra approximately reach Rp. 64,47 billion, with details of Rp. 43,07 billion in NTT and Rp. 21,4 M in NTB.” Said Melki.

Besides that, Melki said that, the disclosure of information in every sector has been mandated in Law no. 14/2008 about Public Information Disclosure. Implementation of this law has been emphasized by president for all central and local government to open the public data for public interest, include the data of mining license, environmental impact analysis, and another mining policy.

The experience of Anti Mining Mafia Coallition in NTT and NTB show that local government do not have commitment on public information disclosure and choose to close the data and information which is relate with mining license’s document, operational phases, and post mining.

This KPK Coordination and Supervision is also attended by sivil society coallition such as: PWYP Indonesia, Auriga, WALHI NTT, Perkumpulan PIKUL, JPIC OFM, FORMADDA NTT, GERAM NTT, SOMASI NTB, LSBH NTB, WALHI NTB dan KNTI.