The 5th Indonesia Anti-Corruption Forum (IACF) in 2016 issued 16 recommendations to combat corruption in Indonesia. These were handed over to President Joko Widodo (1/12) in the National Conference in Corruption Eradication (1/12). There are three specific issues on the recommendations, including the natural resources sector.

             A. Reformation of Law Enforcement Agency

  1. Government need to establish national strategy as an umbrella for every anti-corruption initiative in Indonesia, including establishment of institutional coordination mechanism.
  2. Government need to ensure participation of civil society as partner in combating corruption.
  3. Improving transparency of handling case management of APH through development of database for handling cases.
  4. Strengthening law enforcement institution on coordination, capacity building, and case handling system.
  5. Government need to accelerate problem settlement on asset recovery through the enactment of draft Asset Recovery Act, Extradition Act, and Mutual Legal Assistance Act.
  6. Government need to establish a national task force to combat natural resources and environment crime which directly reports to the president for special case settlement. (For instance, ex mining pit case in East Kalimantan; cement factory case in Rembang; reclamation in Jakarta and Benoa Bay; tenure conflict in palm plantation).
  7. Law enforcement for companies that violate existing regulations in natural resources sector. Such as they who didn’t have borrow-to-use permits of forest, have yet to pay non-tax revenue, not comply with reclamation and post mining obligation).
  8. Need a legal measure on the findings and recommendations of Coordination and Supervision KPK in mineral and coal sector. For example, revoke the non-CnC mining permits at the latest 2 January 2017 also revoke mining permits that has been operated in the conservation forest.

    B. Optimization of Public Service

  9. Establish mitigation mechanism of conflict of interest between public service provider and private sector.
  10. Open contract document between government and the third party in procurement of goods and services and strengthening the monitoring and evaluation of LKPP to ensure the accountability of procurement of goods and services.
  11. Government need to strengthen the prevention and eradication corruption effort in the private sector, politic and environment to improve investment climate in Indonesia.
  12. Government need to establish a transparent, accountable, integrated and accessible national complain handling system.
  13. Change payment mechanism in licensing service become cashless.

    C. Reformation in politic

  14. Improving the integrity of political party which is supported by low cost party system, democratic political recruitment system, and accountability system to its constituents.
  15. Establish an election system which can prevent transactional politic and promote transparent and accountable campaign fund.
  16. Build a parliament which represents citizen interest and hold program accountable