Increasing the allocation of budget transfer from central to subnational level should gives positive impact for improvement in governance local development. This increasing allocation as impact from fiscal decentralization that has implement during one decade later. Unfortunately, in fact the fiscal decentralization not significantly influent for acceleration local development. Although several areas able encourage their local development, but generally there are many development problem in implement the fiscal decentralization, particularly relate with development and welfare equity.

Wiko Saputra, head of research on economic policy PWYP Indonesia, see that poverty in Indonesia many occur in rich of natural resource area, e.g Papua, part of Riau and Nusa Tenggara. Whereas, if we investigate the budget resource, the rich of natural resource areas have big budget source for poverty alleviation. “Several areas with rich of natural resource i.g Regent of Aceh Utara, Bojonegoro, West Sumbawa, and Kutai Kertanegara” said Meliana Lumbantoruan, Knowledge Management Manager, PWYP Indonesia.

Thus, before the research is running, PWYP hold a workshop for local researchers. They are also member of PWYP Indonesia coalition. Wiko in that workshop about research design, methodology, and the report of research writing. One of local researchers from West Sumbawa, Deni Wan Putra, said in this workshop local researchers got the direction and instruction the research execution. “In this workshop we could gave input and adjustment with condition in each areas.” said Deni.