These homeworks need real steps from Jonan and Archandra. – Indonesian Civil Society Coalition Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia mentions some homework (PR) that must be completed The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ignasius Jonan and his deputy, Arcandra Tahar, were officially inaugurated on October 14.

PWYP Indonesia’s National Coordinator, Maryati Abdullah, mentioned a number of homeworks that awaited the actual implementation of the tasks of the two men. Among these are improving the system of control and supervision in the EMR sector.

“Integrity, control systems and supervision are important instruments, which must be developed by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in various lines, if we want the energy and mineral resources sector of our country to be strong, sovereign and beneficial to the welfare and progress of the nation,” Maryati said in an official statement received by on Monday, October 17, 2016.

He mentioned several improvements that Jonan had to do immediately, namely:
First, the realization of energy security. According to Maryati, Jonan must be able to solve the problem of fulfilling energy that is efficient, affordable and added value for industry, economy and society.

For example, the issue of high domestic gas prices, construction of refineries-both for processing and storage, so that fuel oil is affordable and state-owned enterprises are more efficient.

“Then, the development of new renewable energy that is sustainable, by taking into account indicators of achievement of the national energy mix target,” he said.

Second, fair, credible and accountable management of oil and gas resources. He stated, Jonan must be able to ensure that the management of the oil and gas industry is far from the injustice caused by the actions of the oil and gas mafia.

“By ensuring that the ongoing exploration-exploitation process provides added value or multiple effects to the economic activities of domestic and surrounding communities. It does not become an arena for rent seeking, and conflicts of interest between officials or public policy makers, business people, and politicians,” he said.

The process of selling state oil and managing financial or revenue, and revenue sharing must be transparent. Then, improve the supervision of the performance of the oil and gas industry, as well as the development of technology and incentives for research and search for oil reserves.

Third, improving the governance of the mineral and coal sector that is consistent, provides added value, is sovereign, and does not cause social conflict or environmental damage.

“Jonan and all staff at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources must uphold the idealism of the implementation of Law No.4 / 2009 in realizing the management of energy and coal resources that is just and sustainable,” said Maryati.

According to him, Jonan has a background related to industry, before the financial sector, transportation and transportation, so it should be able to apply firmly to industry players who do not comply with applicable regulations.” Indiscriminately, both in the oil and gas industry and the mineral and coal industry,” said Maryati.

In Media , Media Covergae | PWYP Indonesia | October 17th , 2016