Jakarta (beritajatim.com) – A number of homeworks have been waiting for Arcandra Tahar, the new Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), who replaced Sudirman Said. The Civil Society Coalition of Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia considers, the biggest PR for Arcandra is that the ongoing energy sector governance reform process must not stop.

PWYP Indonesia National Coordinator, Maryati Abdullah, said that governance reforms in all sectors under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources must continue. Structuring in the Oil and Gas, Mineral and Coal, and Energy sectors that have been on the track from the previous Minister must be continued, which must not be immediately resolved.

“The energy sector is very vulnerable to corruption and irregularities in authority. Reforms that have been carried out in the previous era must not stop. We hope that there will be no more officials in the ESDM sector who are indicated as corruption, “she said, Monday (1/8/2016).

Maryati added, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for the past three years had carried out strategic cooperation with the Corruption Eradication Commission in the Coordination and Supervision Program (Korsup). Starting in 2013/2014 with Korsup Minerba, until now it has been expanded to become Korsup Energy, which includes the oil and gas sector, mineral and coal, electricity, and renewable energy.

“Efforts to prevent corruption and restructuring this sector must be continued, so that governance reforms that really show a perfect outcome,” said Maryati, in the release received by beritajatim.com.

PWYP Indonesia slightly highlights the issue of Minister Arcandra’s speech after yesterday’s inauguration, which still dominantly highlights the Oil and Gas sector, even though there is a new renewable energy and electricity sector which must be a strategic priority for improving governance in the energy sector and mineral resources as a whole.

“The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources should pay the same attention to portions. We understand that Minister Acandra’s background is quite strong in the oil and gas sector, but we hope that other sectors should not be adopted, all need to be structured, because all the energy and mineral resources sectors are interrelated with each other, “added PWYP Indonesia communications manager Agung Budiono. [uuk / but]

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