Technical Meeting on Preparation of Publication of EITI Report Second Coal and Mineral (Minerba) Sector; Jakarta, May 30, 2014; Agenda: Final status of report collection, differences that cannot be reconciled until the cut-off date (May 16, 2014), Reconciliation of Royalties & IPM, Reconciliation of Corporate Income Taxes and Issues and Recommendations. In the meeting, Aryanto Nugroho was present as a representative of PWYP Indonesia.

In the discussion of the meeting, there are still numbers that have not been reconciled, usually caused by mistakes in entering accounts, payments with foreign banks and the dollar exchange rate, payments in the current year, and overpayments. From 83 Minerba companies, there are 11 companies that have not reported to EITI, most companies are from mining business permits.

The reconciler needs to be more active in contacting stakeholders, namely the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal, the Directorate General of State Treasury, the Directorate General of Taxation, the Directorate General of State Treasury Management, and the Directorate General of Fiscal Balance to complete the data in the report, especially for those who have not been reconciled and vice versa. stakeholders are expected to work together to provide the data needed. Because transparency is in the interest of the state not only in the interests of 1 (one) agency or individual.