The mandate of the Statute of the National Coalition of PWYP Indonesia contains the vision of realizing the welfare of the people who are just and sovereign through the governance of extractive resources in Indonesia in a transparent, accountable and sustainable manner. One of the missions that become the fundamental strength of the organization to continue moving towards realizing this vision is to encourage capacity building of civil society groups at the local and national levels that work to strengthen and empower communities, as well as organizations that seek to reform participatory and accountable public policy governance.

The spirit of carrying out this mission needs to be balanced with improving and strengthening the organizational strategy of the PWYP Indonesia National Secretariat from the internal level. Through the highest forum of the General Meeting of Members (RUA), the National Secretariat of PWYP Indonesia and 29 coalition members agreed on the Outline of Work Direction(GBHK) as a guide and basis for the direction of the organization’s work to realize shared goals. The discussion and determination of the GBHK were carried out face-to-face and online via Zoom (25/09/20).

In general, the GBHK document contains the vision and mission, the scope of activities, strategic roles and milestones, future opportunities and challenges, to priority agendas as the work direction of PWYP Indonesia for 2020-2024. Members of the PWYP Indonesia coalition are actively involved and have a full voice in determining the point-by-point discussion of work directions. The active participation of coalition members is expected to be a vital asset in future joint advocacy work.

As a result of the agreement, the General Assembly Meeting forum agreed on the formulation of the outlines of PWYP Indonesia’s work for the 2020-2024 period, which was outlined in the priority agenda as follows:

  • Priority Agenda 1: Promote improved governance of the oil and gas along the value chain and extraction decision-making.
  • Priority Agenda 2: Promote improved governance of the mineral and coal sector along the value chain and extraction decision-making.
  • Priority Agenda 3: Promote improved governance in the energy sector, environment and sustainable development.
  • Priority Agenda 4: Strengthening capacity and development of organizational independence.
  • Priority Agenda 5: Strengthening governance of the national secretariat and coalition networks

Each priority agenda contains achievement indicators and strategies that are useful as guidelines and tools for measuring the performance of the national secretariat. These priority agendas will be translated into PWYP Indonesia’s Work Plan and passed down through advocacy, research, capacity building, and networking strategies with coalition members at the local, national and global levels. Thus, all activities and organizational achievements are fully oriented based on mutually agreed work guidelines.

The determination of the outline of this work direction is in line with the Strengthening of Institutional Capacity and the Coalition for Transparent, Fair and Sustainable Extractive Resource Governance Reform with the support of the Ford Foundation through the Building Institutions and Network (BUILD) program. This General Assembly Meeting is a manifestation of the implementation of the first program objective, namely that PWYP Indonesia has institutional solid and network capacities, improved operational standards and procedures, and has strong leadership in promoting social change and public policy reform.

Author: Chitra Regina Apris & Meliana Lumbantoruan