Indonesia Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Advocacy Manager Aryanto Nugroho mark, the second debate of the 2019 Presidential Election can be a moment to discuss the clarity about the takeover of Freeport Indonesia and the Rokan Block.

The second debate discussed four topics, namely energy, food, infrastructure, natural resources, and the environment.

“The debate tomorrow can also be a place for confirmation, if we talk about Freeport and the Rokan Block,” said Aryanto during a discussion on “Observing the Vision and Mission of the Presidential Candidate 2019”, at the KODE Inisiatif Office, South Jakarta, Sunday (1/3/2019).

He considered, topics related to Freeport and the Rokan Block would be brought up by presidential candidate number 01 Joko Widodo. Under Jokowi’s leadership, the government took over PT Freeport Indonesia’s shares since the company operated in 1973. However, what Aryanto notes is that the process of taking over is unclear so that people do not understand.

“We see that Jokowi must have touched on the success of Freeport, the Rokan Block, and all kinds. Even though we have never known the details obtained by Indonesia or Freeport. Finally, the public also does not understand, “he said.

Not only about Freeport and the Rokan Block, according to him, the two candidates need to express their views regarding the divestment that other companies want to do. Aryanto also hopes that the two candidates will discuss the contract extension of the company relating to natural resources in Indonesia. According to him, there are several oil and gas producing regions whose contracts will expire in the next few years. That, said Aryanto, was considered necessary to be discussed by the two candidates.

“There are also many blocks, maybe about 10 blocks of oil and gas which in the next 5 years it’s time to be extended or stopped,” said Aryanto.

“This is not just a matter of Freeport and the Rokan Block, but the problem in the next five years is that many contracts must be explained by two candidates,” he continued.

The second election debate will be held Sunday (02/17/2019). The debate participants are presidential candidates. Themes raised are energy, food, infrastructure, natural resources, and the environment. The debate will be held at the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta. Four television stations will broadcast the debate, namely RCTI, JTV, MNC TV, and INews TV.