Indonesia’s energy diplomacy policy considered still use inward looking perspective, stated by Emanuel Bria, Indonesia Country Manager Natural Resources Governance Institute in PWYP Knowledge Forum entitled “Indonesia’s Energy Diplomacy, High Politics or Low Politics, last (21/4).

Bria explained, the international relation strategy in Indonesia’s energy context, is considered not comprehensive, and the approach applied is still sector-based. Bria gave example of China Energy Diplomacy. China puts energy as part of national security issue, where the diplomacy team is already integrated in the National Development and Reform Commission.

“Indonesia’s policy has been reflected the elements of energy security, covering availability, affordability, accessibility, and efficiency. However, it doesn’t include the aspect of national and international security,” said him.

According to Bria, the high dependency toward oil and gas import, without new exploration activities will imposed huge risk to national energy security. The domestic oil consumption is around 1.6 million barrels oil per day (mbopd), while the national production is only around 900 mbopd. Thus, we need to fill the gap by import of 700 mbopd. “The high oil import dependency would increase the external risk for domestic energy fulfillment,” said Bria.

95% of Indonesia’s energy supply come from fossil, and only 5% of supply come from renewable energy. Therefore, the government need to increase the utilization of gas, coal, and renewable energy in national energy fulfilment according to the target energy mix.

In his presentation, Bria suggested the government to change the economic development paradigm, which put energy as an important aspect for national security, not only as a driver for multiplier economy. Then, as an institution responsible for national energy policy, the National Energy Council shall be led by strategic ministries with the involvement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense in running the energy diplomacy. In addition, government also need to provide strategic support for the National Oil Company through financial support and high level diplomacy. [Asr]