, JAKARTA – Publish What You Pay Indonesia Coalition found at least ten non-operating companies and 21 mineral and coal companies (mineral and coal) that were not compliant in fulfilling the 2012-2013 Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

Maryati Abdullah, PWYP Indonesia Coordinator, said EITI had the aim to improve governance in the oil and gas and mining sectors so that concrete actions had to be taken after the report.

EITI is an international standard on reporting state revenues from extractive industries, namely oil and gas and mineral and coal mining, the process of which involves government, business, and civil society groups. EITI has been implemented in 46 countries around the world including Indonesia and has been recognized as a global standard to encourage transparency and accountability of state revenues and corporate payments from extractive industries.

Aryanto Nugroho, PWYP Indonesia Advocacy and Network Manager, said that there were still 10 non-operating companies and 21 mining companies that did not comply with EITI Indonesia.

“This is clear evidence that these companies are neither transparent nor support the Jokowi’s administration’s efforts to improve transparency and accountability for the extractive industries in Indonesia,” he said in a release in Jakarta, Monday (11/30/2015).

He explained that the government must conduct an evaluation and impose sanctions on these companies. In addition, Aryanto emphasized that the EITI report still did not meet the provisions in the 2013 EITI Standard, which required disclosure of contracts and actual beneficiaries of the company’s business operations.

Source: here.