Currently, civil society organizations are faced with declining trends in funding from donors (Pallas & Sidel, 2020), so an independent and financially resilient organizational development strategy is needed for corporate sustainability. Through the BUILD program supported by the Ford Foundation, PWYP Indonesia endorses a plan to increase fundraising capacity for coalitions through the development of independent business units that can generate income and economic added value (generating income).

PRECISE (Promoting Empowerment of Civil Society through Entrepreneurship) Project aims to develop PWYP Indonesia coalition member organization business units. The PRECISE Project was originally a collaboration between PWYP Indonesia and Human Initiatives, a philanthropic organization engaged in the humanitarian field and has successfully fostered various MSMEs in Indonesia. The approach taken in this PRECISE Project is socio-entrepreneurship which collaborates different potentials owned by each PWYP Indonesia coalition organization in multiple regions to add to the characteristics, uniqueness, and attractiveness of independent business units.

Objectives of PRECISE Project:

  • Increase the capacity of PWYP Indonesia coalition members related to entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Facilitate PWYP Indonesia coalition members to start and develop business units to bring economic added value to their organizations so that they become financially independent organizations
  • Provide ongoing support for coalition members, including coaching, mentoring, capital assistance, and access to expand the business community network

PRECISE Project Batch I was implemented from July 2022 to January 2023. Various activities, from Training of Facilitators, Kick Off Project, Organizational Management Workshop, Business Unit Coaching Clinic, and Marketing Training Series guided by business experts, so that participants can directly explore business unit development through experts

  • Training of Trainers
  • Project Socialization
  • Assessment / Baseline Survey of Prospective Participants
  • Interview of Prospective Participants
  • Determination of Project Participants
  • Participant Training on Entrepreneurship
  • Coaching Clinic
  • Business Proposal Submission
  • Provision of Revolving Fund by PWYP Indonesia National Secretariat
  • Business Unit Report

PRECISE Project Batch I has assisted nine business units developed by PWYP Indonesia coalition organizations. These business units managed to turn over during this program. These business units include:

  • Akar Foundation: Akar Coffee Bengkulu
  • ICEL: Enviro Strategic Alliance (ESA)
  • IPC: Ulya Aqiqah dan Qurban
  • InFest Garut: Kopi H-Icon
  • Somasi NTB: SoMart
  • LePMIL Sulawesi: Gula Aren Semut
  • Yasmib Sulawesi: Pusat Belanja Anggaran (PUSJAGA)
  • PADI Berkah Selaras Semesta Oleh-oleh Kaltim
  • PWYP Indonesia: Swanagata