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Forming the poverty data attended by Local Work Unit (SKPD) West Sumbawa District (doc. PWYP Indonesia)

Last 9th-10th June, SOMASI NTB organized workshop forming the poverty data for local work unit in West Sumbawa District (KSB). This workshop facilitated by Yuri Tetanel and Eko Purwanto from SAPA (Strategic Alliance for Poverty Alleviation).

Oftentimes, the problem in poverty alleviation program, the in kind did not give for the right target. That problem was triggered by the unintegrated poverty data, different poverty data in every local work unit.

West Sumbawa District as rich area with natural resources, certainly must had an effective poverty alleviation strategy, so the resource curse not happen. To solve the problem in poverty data, so the workshop was held. With the integrated data, ofcourse it will facilitate the government (people) to check and utilize the data, encourage an effective poverty alleviation, and enable the data is accessed by community.

The final result that was expected from this forming poverty data activities, there was a Poverty Resources Center. This Poverty Resources Center or poverty data will became the central of coordination, integration, validation, and monitoring the accelaration of poverty alleviation in local area.

There were seventeen delegations from local works units in West Sumbawa District. They bring the datas enthusiasticall. Although the datas have different format, such as in excel, word, and hard copy format; the spirit from local government people should to appreciate.

Firstly, Yuri Tetanel introduced how to use the Statplanet program. Statplanet is a program to visualize the interactive data and the function as a tool for mapping. Statplanet will use to describe the poverty in West Sumbawa District.

Then, the participants was directed to input the datas. While the participants inputting the datas, the facilitator was monitoring, make sure the data inputted well. After the data inputting finish, participants was directed to see the performance of data in Statplanet. “The participants have selected and inputted the data well, but they should exercise more”, said Yuri Tetanel.

After data inputting process finish, there was an exam for participants. The participants could finished it well, also the participants presented the data in front of the forum, which is attended by the chief of Local Development Planning Agency.

In the end of the workshop, the chief of Local Development Planning Agency said that the knowledge that participants got from the workshop should spread to another local work units, and implemented the poverty data for improving the services and poverty alleviation.