In information disclosure and transparency era, open data that ease public to collect, process, and analyze data become a strong argument to encourage changes in every sectors, include in extractive industry (oil, gas, mineral, and coal). To fulfill public needs in extractive industry information in Indonesia, PWYP Indonesia develop an android based application namely Open Mining. Open Mining is aimed to ease community in getting information related to mining activities that operate in Indonesia.

There are four features can be explored. First, the map menu that consists of information related to all extractive industry projects that operated in Indonesia, that showed with points in map. Besides that, public can know the company profile that cover name, province, district, commodity, kind of business, total area, until the compliance status “Clear and Clean (CnC)” that published by DG Mineral and Coal.

Second, the revenue menu. This feature related to data and information of revenue that received by regency from extractive industry, consists of Revenue Sharing, EITI Indonesia Report, and Production Data.

Third, Report menu. Through this report, Open Mining receives reports from public, and integrated with LAPOR! This feature can be accessed through Citizen Report as tools for citizen to report problems in energy sector, natural resources, natural environment, mining, electricity, oil and gas. Public also can share the report so can attract more attention.

Fourth, the Socio and Eco Menu. This menu, attempt to contextualize extractive industry to social and economy issue such as poverty, economic growth, until to know contribution from extractive industry for each regency.

With this Open Mining Application, we hope community can get information related to extractive industry in easier way, whenever and wherever they are, through their smartphone. Besides that, they can be actors in oversee the extractive industry and involve in escorting the government policy. Let’s monitor the extractive industry with Open Mining Apps!