We are proud to be one of the 301 NGOs and experts from 99 countries to sign an open letter calling for UNCAC States Parties to adopt a strong resolution to bolster the implementation of the UNCAC to tackle corruption enabling environmental crime and its impacts on the environment, the climate crisis and human rights.

Corruption is at the heart of environmental crime, enabling the plundering of nature and the laundering of profits.

Such a resolution should include the following actions:
1. Accountability: Strengthen and effectively enforce anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and environmental protection laws across the environmental sector.
2. Transparency: Strengthen transparency and accountability for awarding, granting & managing contracts in the natural resource sector.
3. Protection: Ensure a safe and enabling environment for #CivilSociety actors working to expose environmental crime & corruption consistent with Article 13 of the UNCAC.
4. Good governance: Promote good governance and anti-corruption measures in the proper use of funds to protect the #climate, #environment & biological diversity.
5. Cooperation: Promote greater cooperation with other relevant international fora and implementing agencies to maximize impact in tackling environmental crime & corruption.
Global action is urgently needed to fight environmental crime and the corruption that drives it.

Now is the time to act!