Jakarta – Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia representative participated on the “National Action Plan for Openness of the Indonesian Government (RAN OGI VII) Year 2023-2024” meeting. The meeting discussed commitment number 15, which is part of the RAN OGI VII. Commitment 15 is a co-creation between the government and civil society groups. The agencies involved are the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Energy and Mineral Resources, and the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency. From the CSO side, ICEL, Auriga, Media Link and PWYP Indonesia The commitment focuses on developing a one-data system in the natural resources and environment sector that ensures the openness of data and information on licensing and spatial planning.

In the forum, PWYP Indonesia, represented by Mouna Wasef, expressed her views regarding the proposed 2024 priority data by linking the openness of contract/permit documents in the natural resources sector. She emphasized that the paper should be public information that can be opened by implementing Satu Data Indonesia. This data disclosures brings several benefits, such as improving governance, helping the government to obtain better agreements on natural resources, and preventing corrupt practices. Responding to this, Maharani Putri S. W. from the OGI Secretariat stated that the issue of contract disclosure has not yet to find an agreement to be opened by the relevant ministries. Still, she encourages the case to be discussed at the next meetings.

Meanwhile, the views of CSO colleagues who were present also paid attention to access to priority data in 2022 and the mechanism for proposing priority data for 2024. Responding to this, the Satu Data Indonesia (SDI) Secretariat said that priority data in 2022 is tidying up, with progress reaching 90%. Meanwhile, regarding the proposal of priority data for 2024, it can be done after the Decree of the Minister of PPN / Bappenas, which is planned to be issued in March 2023, so that the collection period is from April to December 2023.

However, due to budget considerations, usually in June, SDI has issued a pre-release of priority data for the coming year. SDI also said that data needs for 2024 should pay attention to the 2022 priority data published this year. Coordination for submitting proposals can be done with Bappenas, which in this case, acts as a data guardian.

Author: Wicitra Diwasasri
Reviewer: Aryanto Nugroho