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indoPetroNews.com – The vision and mission of the energy of both presidential and vice-presidential candidates (presidential and vice-presidential candidates) are considered too floating. So, it is still difficult to understand the systematic thought flow.

“Actually for matters relating to the economy, such as the energy sector, in its vision and mission it should be able to include estimates of budget allocations and where the budget is from as well as others. Thus, providing a more measurable picture, “explained Maryati Abdullah, National Coordinator of Publish What You Pay Indonesia to indoPetroNews.com on the sidelines of the discussion” Dissecting the Presidential Candidates’ Vision in the Field of Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment “in Jakarta, ( 3/7).

According to her, candidates must also have priority. “This is so that future energy development can be measured. If everything is to be done, lest it will stall in the middle of the road because there is no budget, “she said.

She assessed both pairs of candidates who had the same “mis” budget in their vision and mission. “Indeed, in this candidate, the ideas that offer hope are sold, so that all of them are” heaven’s winds “, although later on that promise may not be implemented,” she explained
Regarding new and renewable energy (EBT), said Maryati, the two candidates did have attention to EBT, but that attention could not yet be described in a measurable manner. “Because, in the existing vision and mission it did not include targets, budgets, and priorities,” he explained.
That way, she continued, systematic development of EBT in Indonesia still could not be expected. “It is true yes there is, but eventually like it, I can guess,” she explained.
Even so, she hopes, the development of EBT can be more than before, especially the demand for energy continues to increase with decreasing supply. (Ris)

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