A quarter of the money. Poor governance in the oil and gas sector also occurs in the mining sector. During the period 2009 to 2013, state losses (potential loss) from land rent (mining business licenses / IUP) in 12 provinces from 2009 to 2013 reached Rp919.18 billion. “Nearly Rp1 trillion in state losses. This is partly due to the issuance of mining permits in all conservation forest areas, “said National Coordinator of Publish What You Pay Indonesia, Maryati Abdullah, at the Indonesia Corruption Watch Office, Jakarta, yesterday.

According to her, the potential lost state from non-tax state revenue was due to a massive increase in mining permits. It was mentioned, from 2,500 IUPs in 2009, now it became 11,000 IUPs in early 2014. “For IUPs alone, there are 4,672 IUPs or around 43.87% of the 10,648 IUPs issued, apparently not clean and clear,” said Maryati. This permit seems easy to be issued. In fact, there are irregularities such as the overlap between IUPs, mining companies do not have a taxpayer identification number (NPWP), invalid office addresses, and there are deficiencies in tax payments.

Researchers from the Auriga Syahrul Foundation added that losses also result from overlapping IUPs if it is based on Government Regulation (PP) Number 9 of 2012 concerning Tariffs and Types of Non-Tax Revenues. “The results of the analysis of the issuance of IUP in 12 provinces there is a slice between the potential of revenue and realization,” he explained. Mentioned, losses in Kalimantan reached Rp. 574.94 billion, Sumatra Rp. 174.7 billion, and in Sulawesi and Maluku reached Rp. 169.94 billion.

Seeing the huge loss of the country, those who are members of the Antimafia Mining Task Force, namely PWYP Indonesia, Auriga Foundation, NGO Article 33 Indonesia, and ICW, urged the government to improve mining governance. “We ask President Jokowi to discuss this with the mining sector to directly review the mining administration and licensing,” said ICW researcher Mouna Wasef.

Monday, 08 December 2014 Author: MI / Cah | mediaindonesia.com