Banda Aceh (Analysis) 

The Aceh Anti-Corruption Movement (GeRAK) conducted extractive sector governance training and calculation of revenue sharing for oil & gas and mining in Aceh for local governments (Pemda) and the community because until now there are still areas in Aceh that are not yet open and transparent in the publication of regional revenues from the extractive sector.

“Transparent attitude can be done through mass media, internet sites and publications in the district,” said Project Officer of the GeRAK Aceh Program, Hayatuddin, during a training session in Banda Aceh recently.

The training was held on December 23-25, 2013, with participants from representatives of the Aceh government, district governments (Pemkab) Aceh Besar, East Aceh, Aceh Tamiang, Aceh Barat, Aceh Barat Daya (Abdya) and South Aceh, public, and NGOs in Aceh.

Speakers came from National Coordinator of Publish What You Pay Indonesia, Maryati Abdullah and Research & Advocacy Officer of IESR, Morentalisa Hutapea, Ridaya Laodengkowe, and Dhanny Tantri. Other conditions in Aceh said Hayatuddin is related to the number of mining companies that emerged after the conflict, but they were not accompanied by sufficient information in the calculation and revenue stream for the government. 

“This training is to provide a better understanding of extractive sector policies in Aceh. Because all this time, the public has not fully understood the funds from this sector”, he said.

Various Problems 

According to the East Aceh Distamben, Hasdiansyah Mulyadi, currently, in East Aceh there are three wells in the Pase Block and the revenue share so far for the regions has returned to the project after it sent to the bank account of Province Aceh. 

“From the profit-sharing, so far funds have returned to the regions in the form of projects, not in the form of funds. Because when the project was implemented there are still cuts or circumcision so the project implementation was not optimally absorbed by the region,” he said.

In addition, Zulfan Diara from the Central Aceh ESDM Office said that so far the oil and gas revenue-sharing funds have been received for structural positions rather than for the people in general. “The funds received from this sector should be of enormous benefit to the community not to be misused,”. He hoped

Source: Harian Analisa