The Civil 20 (C20) held the kick-off meeting at Conrad Hotel, Bali. The Meeting opened with remarks from Coordinating Minister HE Airlangga Hartanto. The involvement of the role of C20 is vital in a world facing today’s challenges, namely digitalization and climate change plus geopolitical instability. Several important points about the problem will be discussed; the first is access to vaccinations and global health, which focuses on an inclusive global health architecture, expanding access to vaccines, medicines, and health products related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, the C20 consists of seven working groups on vaccine access and global health, environment, climate justice, and energy transition, SDGs and humanitarian, education, digitalization and civic space, gender equality, anti-corruption, taxation, and sustainable finance. The C20 Priorities align with the G20 agenda regarding strengthening the global health architecture, promoting digital-based economic transformation, and sustainable energy transition. HE Minister Airlangga Hartanto conveyed that Indonesia’s Presidency will be heading the G20 with a sense of optimism. The Meeting also presented HE Minister Arifin Tasrif from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Mr Arifin conveyed that the C20 is expected to encourage leaders to take decisive policies and actions in addressing climate change, energy transition, implementation of carbon taxes, green economy recovery, mitigation, climate adaptation, protection, and preservation of natural ecosystems.

The C20 Chair, Sugeng Bahagijo, conveyed that there are four main problems at the moment, namely access to vaccines in many low-income countries. The two G20s need to open up more flexible and generous debt to developing countries. Third, in the cost of remittances to have migrant workers and lower-middle-income governments, and fourth, climate change and energy transition. This year C20 ensures the C20 structure is based on gender equality. The second is regional balance, the third is inclusive, the fourth is a democracy and the system troika is a sustainable G20 Mechanism.

During the Kick Off Meeting, the C20 also conveyed a statement to urge an end to hostilities and calls for global solidarity. C20 forum of civil society organizations worldwide that voices people’s aspirations with G20 leaders. We strongly recommend an end to hostilities in Ukraine and call for support and global solidarity of the Ukrainian people and Russian citizens who oppose each other.

The Kick Off Meeting also invited Engagement Groups from L20, T20, B20, S20, U20, Y20. Representatives from Engagement Group also deliver the priority issues of the group. Representatives from the engagement group also agreed on how the Indonesian presidency adheres to the principle of inclusivity. The collaboration between engagement groups could complement through re-learning from different regions and perspectives, including those from research and evidence-based ones that can lead to practical contributions to the G20 and member countries and stereo funds for our various stakeholders. (ANS)