VIVAnews – G20 countries are expected to implement governance practices that are transparent and clean of corruption for the implementation of economic development.

In addition, Indonesia as the first ASEAN country to have achieved a ‘compliant’ status from the EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative), which is expected to call for transparency in the revenue and tax payment sectors in the oil and gas, mineral and coal sectors.

“Not only in countries where the resources are located (host country), but also in the countries of origin of multinational companies that operate,” said Maryati Abdullah, Coordinator of Publish What You Pay Indonesia, through her written statement to VIVAnews, Sunday, November 16, 2014.

Maryati revealed that tax and payment transparency in the oil and gas and mining sectors was considered urgent.

“Especially amid illegal export practices and especially on coal and mineral mining commodities from Indonesian territory to destination countries abroad,” he explained.

According to him, maritime diplomacy and infrastructure that will be launched by Indonesia should also be able to overcome the problem of illegal shipping of mineral and mining materials. This happened through ‘mouse ports’ and incorrect shipping documents. (one)