, JAKARTA – Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia has asked the government to implement the beneficial ownership rule in the capital market first, as a concrete anti-corruption step.

PWYP Indonesia Coordinator Maryati Abdullah said there had to be concrete steps by the government regarding global anti-corruption commitments. He explained that one of them was a matter of transparency of the Main Owner.

“The government must immediately realize clearer and more stringent rules to encourage these principles, for example with provisions on the stock exchange,” said Maryati in her release, Tuesday (5/17/2016).

In addition, he continued, the government through the Director-General of General Law Administration of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights can also implement a Single Identity Number (SIN). Main Owners are individuals who receive dividends, interest, and royalties from certain business activities.

Maryati also emphasized that the government needs to work with civil society, the private sector, and other components to deal with organized crime, such as corruption. PWYP also emphasized that Indonesia, which has become a member of the Addis Tax Initiatives – an international initiative to fight tax evasion – was also asked to commit to improving the taxation system and management of natural resource sector revenues.

Source: here.