Jakarta – Coal production in 2019 will be reduced to 400 million tons per year in 2019. This year, domestic coal production reaches 440 million tons per year.

At present, proven coal reserves in the country reached 13.3 billion tons with an average coal production of the last 5 years reaching 440 million tons per year. If it keeps repeating, domestic coal will run out in 29 years.

“Now it is locked 400 million tons (in 2019). The government is locked because there are many mining permits in the region that cannot be controlled by the central government. Coal is being dredged for sale and nothing is left, then finding it is more difficult, “said Member of the National Energy Council (DEN), Tumiran, at the Sari Pan Pacific Hotel, Central Jakarta, Thursday (6/8/2017).

The cut in coal production was carried out together with a reduction in exports. So that domestic coal supplies are sufficient in the long run.

“Because of the coal factor also includes reducing exports,” said Tumiran.

The construction of the power plant at the mouth of the mine which is being carried out by the government also requires a sufficient supply of coal in the future. So that it can produce electricity at low prices and can benefit many people.

“If it is cheap electricity, the price of consumers is skewed and the industry will grow to have competitive electricity,” Tumiran concluded. (mca / mca)

Source: DEN: Coal Production Must Be Controlled So Indonesia Does Not Have an Energy Crisis