As world leaders meet this week at the COP26 (United Nations Climate Change Conference), it is urgent for them to take concrete action. Their decisions must ensure a just, people-centred and sustainable transition to a low carbon economy, including keeping the global temperature rise below 1.5°C to limit the most dangerous impacts of the climate crisis.

We the undersigned organisations are members of Publish What You Pay,  the global movement for open and accountable extractive industries. We have strong roots and membership in the countries and communities where oil and gas drilling and mining take place. We speak from countries that have done the least to cause the climate crisis but are set to suffer the worst effects of it and face the highest risks of an unfair and mismanaged energy transition. We also speak from major historical high-carbon-emitting and wealthier countries that must act fastest and finance the energy transition.

COP26 is a pivotal moment for governments to take unprecedented action to phase out fossil fuel production in line with the scientific consensus to prevent more than 1.5ºC of warming. However, failing to put people at the centre of the required energy transition will result in it being both inadequate and unfair. Here are our messages for world leaders for COP26 and beyond:

  • We must clean up mineral supply chains to deliver a just transition: A sixfold increase in the demand for transition minerals such as cobalt, lithium and copper is likely to accompany the transition to a low carbon economy. In many countries, extraction takes place at great cost to the health, environment and livelihoods of local people, and research indicates that women and girls are disproportionately harmed. Local communities see little economic benefit from extraction. Citizen participation, guarantees of indigenous rights, including free, prior and informed consent, and other human rights, and strong governance safeguards must be in place to avoid further damage to communities close to extraction.
  • It is time to get serious about supporting developing countries: Rich countries are set to fall short of their pledge to mobilise $100 billion per year by 2020 to support climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing countries. For many nations this finance is desperately needed to assist the transition to a sustainable low carbon economy.  This is doubly important for economies highly dependent on fossil fuels, which will need to diversify rapidly to deliver the energy transition the world needs whilst also safeguarding livelihoods and energy access. Rich countries must step up and finance an equitable global energy transition as well as supporting policies that facilitate economic diversification, access to clean energy, technology transfer, and decent work in a decarbonised economy. Major additional international finance is also urgently needed to address loss and damage.
  • Corruption and mismanagement could undermine a just energy transition: Just as corruption has undermined many countries’ ability to see significant long-term benefit from their natural resources, it now threatens to derail a just transition to a low carbon economy. Powerful actors will seek to pursue their own self-interest at the cost of effective global climate action. This risk is exacerbated by attacks and restrictions on civic space, limiting citizens’ participation in the governance of their country’s natural resources. More transparency, particularly of payments and contractual terms, is needed to accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels, develop sustainable supply chains for transition minerals, and ensure that companies and governments shoulder fair shares of the costs of the energy transition. Transparency must also be accompanied by a safe and enabling environment for citizens and civil society to hold governments and companies to account.

The climate crisis is by far the major crisis of our lifetime. It is already causing devastating loss and damage to people, affecting the most basic human rights of impacted communities, such as the right to life, food, water, health and housing. While none will escape the impacts of this crisis, low-income people (and particularly indigenous peoples, other minorities, women, girls and young people) –  those who have done least to cause these impacts – suffer the most. The energy transition must not compound the harms and inequality arising from the climate crisis. Publish What You Pay alongside other civil society groups are committed to demand long-term accountability from governments, companies and intergovernmental bodies for a genuinely just, equitable and well-managed energy transition.

For more information read Publish What You Pay’s positions on the energy transition.

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List of PWYP member organisations which have signed the statement:

“To Health life” Ecological Public UnionAzerbaijan
3 CMMauritanie América LatinaBrazil
Aboh Youth and Community InitiativeNigeria
Abraham’s Children FoundationNigeria
Action Mines GuinéeGuinée
Action pour la Justice EnvironnementaleSénégal
Action pour le développement communautaireGuinée
ActionAid AustraliaAustralia
Adalchi Youth Movement Association Hotoro (AYMAH), KanoNigeria
ADAPE GUINEE 15 membresGuinea Conakry
Africa Network for Environment and Economic JusticeNigeria
Africans RisingSenegal
Agir pour GArantir la Gouvernance Economique et Social(AGAGES MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS)Cameroun
Aide, Assistance et Développement Communautaire De Côte d’Ivoire (ADC-CI)Côte d’Ivoire
Akad Cultural InstituteIraq
Akar FoundationIndonesia
Albanian Center for Development and IntegrationAlbania
Alhayat of development organizationIraq-Basrah
Anchalik Surakshya CommitteeIndia
APVM SahelSénégal
ARTICLE 19 Afrique de l’OuestSENEGAL
ASPRODDEL / KédougouSénégal
Assistance Mission for AfricsSouth Sudan
Association Action de Partenaires pour l’Appui au Développement -APADTchad
Association Africaine de défense des Droits de l’Homme( ASADHO)République Démocratique du Congo
Association bassin minier développement investissementTunisie
Association des Consommateurs du Mali (ASCOMA)Mali
Association Guinéenne pour la TransparenceGuinée
Association IZARA – Pool des consultants formateursMadagascar
Association Malagasy Mandroso sy Salama no Tarigetra MMSTMadagascar
Association Maliennne des Droits de l’Homme (AMDH)Mali
Association pour le developpement durable et la protection de l’environnement en GuinéeGuinée
Association REBAREBAMadagascar
Association Tunisienne de Droit du DéveloppementTunisie
Azerbaijan Coalition of NGOs “Increasing Transparency in the Extractive Industries”, “Democratic Development and Economic Cooperation” Public UnionAzerbaijan
Baloos FoundationTimor-Leste
Bauchi Community Oriented Development InitiativeNigeria
CADES-CI (Centre d’Actions pour le Développement Social)Côte d’Ivoire
CAFAGB Cellule Associative des Femmes Actives pour la Gouvernance Les Droits Humains et le Bien-êtreCameroun
CAJUST – Citoyens Actifs pour la Justice SocialeSenegal
Care for the elderly intelectuals PUAzerbaijan
CartoCrítica. Investigación, mapas y datos para la sociedad civil.México
Center for Peace Education and Community DevelopmentNigeria
Center For Public Interest LawGhana
Center For Rural Emancipation Economic & Social Development ( CREESOD )NIgeria
Centre Afrika Obota TogoTogo
Centre d’Appui au Développement des Initiatives Communautaire (CADIC/GUINEE)Guinée
Centre d’Excellence du Droit de l’environnement-CEDEGuinée
Centre for citizens RightsNigeria
Centre for Development and Democratization of InstitutionsAlbania
Centre for Transparency and Freedom of InfotmationAlbania
Centre Guineen de Formation et d’Education pour le Développement (CEGUIFED)Guinée Amadou
Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental A.C.México
Christian Foundation for Social Justice and Equity (CFSJE)Nigeria
Citoyens Actifs pour la Justice Sociale (CAJUST)Sénégal
Civil expertiseKazakhstan
Clean Tech HubNigeria
Coalition des Alternatives Africaines Dettes et Développement (CAD-Mali)Mali
Coligação Publicar o Que Você PagaGuiné-Bissau
Community Empowerment and Development Organization (CEDO)South Sudan
Community Outreach for Development and Welfare Advocacy (CODWA)Nigeria
Concerned Advocates Saving Terrestrial & Marine Ecosystems (COASTLINE), Inc.Philippines
Concerned Citizens of Abra for Good Government, Inc.Philippines
Coordinación de ONG y Cooperativas CONGCOOPGuatemala
Core Group Transparency /PWYP-TLTimor-Leste
CRADESC- Centre de Recherche et d’Action sur les Droits Économiques Sociaux et CulturelsSenegal
Crudo TransparenteColombia
Dandalin Matasa Initiative for Rapid DevelopmentNigeria
Democracy Monitor Public UnionAzerbaijan
Derecho Ambiente y Recursos NaturalesPerú
Development Education Community ProjectZambia
Diaries of the OceanLebanon
DiXi GroupUkraine
Dynamaique Mondiale des Jeunes (DMJ)Cameroun
Echo of Science Organization for Training and Community DevelopmentIraq
Eco World public unionAzerbaijan
Economic Justice Network of FOCCISASouth Africa
Ecumenical Council for Corporate ResponsibilityUnited Kingdom
ENERGY News Africa LTDGhana
Engenera, A.CMéxico
Entrepreneurship Development FoundationAzerbaijan
Entrepreneurship Initiative for African Youth (EIFAY Africa)Nigeria
Femme et Environnement “BG”République Centrafricaine
Finance consulting Ikhtusch LLCMongolia Ylaanbaatar
FITRA East JavaIndonesia
Fondation pour le Développement au SahelMali
Forum Indonesia untuk Transparansi Anggaran Jawa Timur (FITRA JATIM)Indonesia
Foundation for Environmental Rights Advocacy and Development FENRAD NigeriaNigeria
Fundación JubileoBolivia
Fundacion TerramChile
Gender Justice for Development OrganizationNigeria
GeRAK AcehIndonesia
Global Organization For Youth Enlightenment For Development And DevelopmentNigeria
Green Awards GhanaGhana
Green Network – MagwayMyanmar
Groupe de recherche et d’action pour le développement minier responsableSénégal
Groupe de Recherche et de Plaidoyer sur les Industries Extractives (GRPIE)Côte d’Ivoire
Guinea media children associationGuinea Conakry
Hannah Youth organisationIraq
Haw Organization for EducationIraq
Himayadar Humanitarian Progress Public UnionAzerbaijan
Human and Environmental Development AgendaNigeria
Human Development Center “Tree of Life”Kyrgyz Republic
Indonesian Parliamentary CenterIndonesia
Initiative Africaine pour le Développement Intégré au Sahel (IADIS)Bamako/Mali
Initiative for Youth (In-Youth)Côte d’Ivoire
Institut Panos Afrique de l’ouestSénégal
Institute for Development of Freedom of InformationGeorgia
Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR)Indonesia
Instituto Brasileiro de Análises Sociais e Econômicas (IBASE)Brasil
International Business and Economic Development CenterGeorgia
Jamaa Resource InitiativesKenya
Kdadalak Sulimutuk InstituteTimor-Leste
Khovdiin toli NGOГ.Төрмөнх
KMF/CNOE – Education des citoyensMADAGASCAR
Le réseau des organisations pour la Transparence et l’Analyse Budgétaire ROTAB-NigerNiger
Lebanese Oil and Gas InitiativeLebanon
Lepmil Sulawesi TenggaraIndonesia
Lock the GateAustralia
LPAD RiauRiau province
Lumière Synergie pour le DéveloppementSénégal
Masyarakat Transparansi Aceh – MaTAIndonesia, Propinsi Aceh
Member EITYKyrgyzstan
Mesa Ciudadana de Cambio ClimáticoChile
Michael Adedotun Oke FoundationNigeria
Mindanawon Initiatives for Cultural DialoguePhilippines
Mineral Inheritors Rights AssociationIndia
Mining Shared Value (Engineers Without Borders Canada)Canada
MiningWatch CanadaCanada
Miracle Helping Hand FoundationZimbabwe
Motherhen Development FoundationNigeria
Naryn Municipal Resource CentreKyrgyzstan
Nash VekKyrgyzstan
Natural Resource Governance InstituteGhana
Neighbourhood Environment Watch FoundationNigeria
News GhanaGhana
News Guide AfricaGhana
NGO Agency for Development and CooperationUkraine
NGO Consortium on EITI promotion in KyrgyzstantanKyrgyzstan
NGO NEW EnergyUkraine
Nigeria Environmental societyNigeria
NRGIUnited States
Oil Workers’ Rights Protection Organization Public UnionAzerbaijan
ONG “CD” au coeur du developpementTogo
ONG 3DSénégal
Onshor associationTunisie
Open Arms Initiative for Sustainable DevelopmentNigeria
Organisation Tchadienne Anti-Corruption (OTAC)Tchad
Oxfam MéxicoMéxico
Pacific NetworkGermany
PCQVP SénégalSénégal
PCQVP-Burkina FasoBurkina Faso
People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature)Vietnam
Plateforme de la Societe civile pour la Bonne Gouvrnance-MIRANGA MadagascafMadagascar
Plateforme des Société Civile de la SAVA (PSC-SAVA)Madagascar
Plateforme Tenures foncière, forestière, genre et changement climatique (TENFOREST-BF)Burkina Faso
Policy AlertNigeria
Poltava branch of Public Service of UkraineUkraine
Project ABC InitiativeNigeria
PU “Zanoni Shark”Tajikistan
Public Administration New Initiative NGOMongolia
Public Association “Echo”Kazakhstan
Publiez Ce Que Vous Payez Côte d’IvoireCôte d’Ivoire
Publiez Ce Que Vous Payez GuinéeRepublique de Guinée
Publiez Ce Que Vous Payez MauritanieMauritanie
Publiez Ce Que Vous Payez-MaliMali
Publish What You Pay – USUnited States
Publish What You Pay AustraliaAustralia
Publish What You Pay IndonesiaIndonesia
Publish What You Pay LiberiaLiberia
Publish What You Pay MalawiMalawi
Publish What You Pay UgandaUganda
Publish What You Pay UKUnited Kingdom
Publish What You Pay ZambiaLusaka, Zambia
Reciclemos A.C.México
RECON Phil.IncPhilippines
Rencontre pour la Paix et les Droits de l’Homme (RPDH)République du Congo
Reseau de Lutte Contre la Faim (RELUFA)Cameroun
Réseau des Chefs Traditionnels d’Afrique pour la conservation de la biodiversité (ReCTradCameroun
Réseau des journalistes sur les questions minières du MaliMali
Réseau des Médias sur Internet en Guinée REMIGUIGuinée
Réseau Malien des Journalistes pour la Lutte contre la Corruption et la Pauvrete RMJLCPMali
Reseau pour le Developpement Local et l’Autopromotion de la Femme,de l’Enfant et de la Famille (RDL/AFEF)Mali
Responsible Citizenship and Human Development InitiativeNigeria
Riau Community Leaders Communication ForumRiau – Indonesia
Rights Advocates Initiative (RAI)Nigeria
Rights and Accountability in Development (RAID)UK
Rural Initiative for Change (RIC)Nigeria
Sectoral Transparency Alliance on Natural Resource Governance in Cebu (STANCe)Philippines
SILDAP Southeastern Mindanao, Inc.Philippines
SJ Around the BayAustralia
Small scale women farmers organization in Nigeria SWOFONNIGERIA
Social Strategic Researches and Analytical Investigations Public UnionAzerbaijan
Social Survey Timor-Leste (SSTL)Timor-Leste
Solidariedade MocambiqueMoçambique
Spaces for ChangeNigeria
Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN)United Kingdom
Steps Without borders NGOMongolia
Support for Economic Initiatives NGOAzerbaijan
Support Initiative for Sustainable Development (SISDEV)Nigeria
Tawi-Tawi Alliance of Civil Society OrganizationsPhilippines
Tawi-Tawi Regional Agricultural CollegePhilippines
Tax Research UKUnited Kingdom
Tenures foncière,forestière, genre et changement climatique (TENFOREST)Burkina Faso
The Andrew Lees TrustUnited Kingdom
The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR)United Kingdom
The Lebanese Oil and Gas InitiativeLebanon
The ONE CampaignUnited States
Ther Development CenterIraq
Transparence et DemocratieTunisie
Transparencia por ColombiaColombia
Transparency and Economic Development InitiativeNigeria
Transparency InternationalGermany
Transparency International Accountable Mining ProgrammeGlobal
Transparency International IndonesiaIndonesia
Transparency International Initiative MadagascarMadagascar
Transparent Governance PUAzerbaijan
Tunisie ÉcologieTunisie
Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and TasmaniaAustralia
Universal Health and Economic Empowerment FoundationNigeria
University of San Carlos – Department of Political SciencePhilippines
UP PolitikonsPhilippines
Voice and Accountability platformNigeria
Women Youths and Children Advancement ProgramNigeria
Women’s Organisation for Dev and Empowerment of Communities (WODECO)Nigeria
YASMIB SulawesiIndonesia
Youth Advocate for Health and Empowerment InitiativeNigeria
Youth Empowerment & Human Development Initiative YEHDINigeria
Донецька обласна Г О Народний контрольУкраина
ОО “ФОАТ”Кыргызстан, энергетические платежи
ОО Комитет по общественному контролю за исполнением государственных программ на местном уровнеКазахстан
ОФ Кожой-СерекКыргызстан
ОЮЛА “Альянс “За прозрачный бюджет”Кыргызская Республика
جمعية الرافدين لحقوق الانسان في العراقجمهورية العراق / النجف الاشرف
مركز الامل للشفافية وقضايا العملاليمن