Mining activities can be a big threat to environmental sustainability. This is due to mining activities that can change land topography and leave an impact in the form of mine pits. To restore the function of land and environmental ecosystems, business actors are required to implement reclamation and post-mining activities. Reclamation and post-mining become a whole component of mining activities as a form of implementation of good mining practices.

Reclamation and post-mining must be planned before performing mining activities, including placing the reclamation and post-mining fund through a joint account between business actors and the government as the licensor (both central and provincial government). The placement of reclamation and post-mining fund functions as a manifestation of the company’s responsibility and commitment to manage and overcome environmental impacts, both from exploration, production, and post-mining phase activities.

This policy brief outlines several issues related to the placement of reclamation and post-mining fund, whether in terms of company compliance, weakness in the process, disbursement, and coordination function between central and provincial governments. This policy brief also describes the impact of disobedience or not overcoming problems related to the placement of reclamation and post-mining fund. This brief also provides recommendations, both in policy as well as institutional aspects to improve the whole mining governance.

Compliance of Reclamation and Post-Mining Fund Placement in Indonesia

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