Human rights-based approach to advocacy, or shortened as rights-based advocacy,
usually associated with needs-based advocacy. However the two can be differentiated.

In rights-based advocacy, economic, social and political problems faced by a community viewed
from inalienable rights are protected and respected.

Meanwhile, in needs-based community advocacy, a community is seen as a group that deals with
problem and needs to become a target of charity actions. In needs-based approach, a community
views itself as a disadvantaged group and requires assistance. In contrast, in rights-based approach it considers its human rights unprotected, unfulfilled and unexpected and by accessing its rights, it
will bear the responsibility to use them to create constructive community life.

Writer: Pius Ginting, Meliana Lumbantoruan, Ronald Allan Barnacha

Reviewer: Christina Hill, Maryati Abdullah

Year: 2015

Publisher: PWYP Indonesia

ISBN: 978-602-72039-8-3

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