Following Law No. 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Openness (KIP), Inhu Regent H. Yopi Arianto, SE is committed to implementing a transparent and accountable government. And the commitment form was also the Regent has issued instruction No. 2 of 2013 concerning the management of public information services within the scope of the Inhu Regency Government.

This was explained by the Head of the Department of Transportation Documentation and Information (Dishubkomimfo) in Inhu District Drs.H.Erpandi in Bappeda Hall and Inhu Research and Development during the commemoration of World Day Day and International Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) loops Society (PPIM) last weekend.

As explained by Kadishubkomimfo Kab Inhu Drs.Erpandi told reporters on Monday (6/10). According to him, he said, the PPIM office is based in the Inhu Dishubkomimfo office and is open every working hour and there are available guard officers who will serve the public to obtain data and information, except information that is confidential.

And related to this PPIM, of course, the ease to be known to the public in organizing the State apparatus, previously the Inhu District Government had conducted the activation of the Information Management and Documentation Officer (PPID) who was responsible for the Storage, Documentation, Provision, and Public Information Services (PPID) P4IP). “Erpandi said.

So with the Inhu District Government Commemorating the World Day of the Right to Know, agreed to promote the right to freedom of information to the public, whose aim is to establish a global awareness of individual rights in accessing government and campaigning because the information is also part of human rights.

Where the Inhu District Government initiative commemorates the day of the right to know Erpandi continued, a form of commitment to realize a transparent and accountable government. Because from 2011 onwards it has been under the leadership of Inhu Regent H. Yopi Arianto to mobilize PPID.

For this reason, the Inhu Regency Government will continue to develop a spirit of openness by one of them providing PPIM facilities as a PPID service desk currently in the Inhu Dishubkomimfo office.

And the PPIM will run based on the SOP and Public Information DIP that has been jointly compiled and gets assistants from the Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (FITRA) Riau and Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia.

“FITRA and PWYP Indonesia are Civil Society Organizations that are concerned with transparency and become government partners in building transparency and accountability in the administration of government,” he said.