C20 Statement
March 7, 2022

Bali – Civil 20 (C20), a forum for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) around the world to voice the aspirations of the people with G20 leaders, strongly urge to end hostilities in the Ukraine and calls for sympathy, support and global solidarity for the Ukrainian people, as well as Russian citizens who are against the war.

On February 24, 2022, As the effect of the power contestation in Western and Eastern Europe regions, Russia has carried out indiscriminate attacks on civilians in the Ukraine. Ukrainians were forced out from their homes and their lives profoundly destroyed. The number of civilian casualties continues to increase even as we issue this call.

The crisis in the Ukraine did not start from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine per se, but it has been triggered by broader power contestation. The war has already impacted the global economy and its social impacts will have profound ripple effects on inequality. The much needed global economic recovery from the pandemic has been disrupted. Currently, the world oil benchmark price has risen sharply, stock prices have begun to weaken and various commodity prices have also been significantly affected. Millions of innocent people’s lives are affected by the invasion. This has hampered the G20’s efforts to promote strong, sustainable, equal and inclusive global economic growth. Russia as one of the members of the G20 has violated the mandate of the G20.

Through the momentum of C20 Kick Off on 7-8 March 2022, where the C20 representatives and networks from various countries beyond the members of G20 gather, C20 reaffirms its commitment to the principles of transparent, democratic governance, and respect for human rights.

On the occurrence of the humanitarian tragedy in Ukraine, the C20 states:

  1. We strongly urge to end all types of hostilities in the Ukraine, which has broken international law and has caused a tremendous humanitarian tragedy for Ukrainian civilians. It has also had a global social economic impact and has the potential to trigger wider conflicts.
  2. We urge the G20 leaders to stop the harmful power contestation between actors in Western and Eastern Europe that jeopardizing the people in the regions
  3. We urge Russia to immediately stop its military offenses and begin to negotiate. Russia must immediately stop indiscriminate attacks that violate the laws of war and cause casualties to civilians and civilian facilities. Russia must play its role as a member of the UN and the international community that respects world peace and security.
  4. We demand both conflict parties to allow access for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as stipulated by the international humanitarian law, as well as access for other non-governmental agencies to distribute humanitarian aid to civilians in need.
  5. We call for sympathy, support and solidarity for freedom, peace and human rights for Ukrainian citizens. All citizens of Ukraine and everyone in the world have the right to live in security and peace and with dignity. Together with Ukrainian citizens, our solidarity includes all the victims of violences and dictatorships in every area of the planet.
  6. We urge the G20 members to be more active and make every effort to stop the war. Members must give attention to humanitarian issues and support the UN and other international civil society organisations in creating a sustainable humanitarian aid architecture able to support the victims of all conflicts. During a crisis children, women, and vulnerable groups are at highest risks, thus all individuals seeking protection, regardless of their nationality, identity, and gender, have access to fair, effective and urgent humanitarian assistance. Safe passage for the civilians from the war zone, and protection of refugees and asylum seekers from Ukraine will be provided. This must be one of the results of the G20 Summit.
  7. We urge Indonesia as the G20 Presidency to be more active and strive to encourage and invite all members to discuss conflict resolution at the G20 sessions.

Chair C20: Sugeng Bahagijio, 08151809454
Co-Chair C20: Herni Ramdlaningrum, 08111110326
Sherpa C20: Ah Maftuchan, 08179421052
Aryanto Nugroho: 081326608343