The project of “Citizen Monitoring and Engagement for Transparency and Accountability of Licensing and Revenue Management in Mining Sector” has the objective to contribute to improving the management and governance in the mining sector at the subnational level in select provinces in Indonesia through collaborative social accountability mechanisms. The project will be measured by the a) percentage of problems in the licensing systems identified and followed up through the project’s Multi Stakeholders Forums (hereafter MSFs) and b) percentage of problems in revenue management identified and followed up through the project’s MSFs.

The project will be implemented in three mineral-rich provinces in Indonesia, including Aceh, East Kalimantan and Southeast Sulawesi. In each targeted province, engagement with related stakeholders will be established in the form of MSFs. PWYP Indonesia will also build a partnership with CSOs partners (member of the PWYP Indonesia coalition) and sub-national government counterparts in each province.

The project aims to contribute to improving the management and governance in the mining sector through collaborative social accountability mechanism with the three mains components:

Component 1: Capacity-building for collaborative social accountability. The objectives of this component are: (i) to develop a citizen feedback mechanism for the systematic collection of feedback on services and local actors, (ii) to discuss and validate this mechanism with relevant institutions, and to agree on a collaborative framework for its implementation; and (iii) to build project partners’ capacities to carry out the monitoring. The mains activities of component-1 including conducting stakeholder analysis, facilitate series of community discussions, and providing series of training for developing stakeholder capacities on social accountability tools on mining licensing reforming, budget analysis and monitoring, as well as training on using ICT Tools for citizen feedback and participations.

Component 2: Implementing collaborative social accountability mechanisms to contribute to strengthening the mineral licensing system, environmental oversight and mining revenue management at the provincial level. The main activities would be carrying out scoping study, conducting stakeholder scorecards, facilitating multi-stakeholder forum (MSFs) on developing recommendations that contribute to improving mineral licensing system and good governance, and pushing transparent and effective mining revenue collection and management system.

Component 3: Improving knowledge and learning on social accountability in the mining sector at the provincial level. The objective of this component is to establish an internal adaptive knowledge and learning process to regularly adjust project implementation based on experience and contextual circumstances, and to generate knowledge and learning for targeted external dissemination and sharing amongst key stakeholders that may take up lessons from the project to apply, sustain or scale collaborative social accountability and/or inform substantive decisions.

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