12 June 2014 – 09.42 WIB

PEKANBARU (RIAUPOS.CO) – The Institute for Empowerment and Democratic Action (LPAD) and Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia held a discussion on Extractive Industries and Realization of Riau DBH, Wednesday (11/6). In the discussion held in the hall of the Riau Community Leaders Communication Forum (FKPMR) Jalan Kopan discussed the lack of transparency of the central government regarding oil and gas data.

The LPAD Research Team Coordinator, Edyanus Herman Halim SE MS said that the research conducted by his team found facts of transparency from oil and gas extraction that was far from expectations. This limitation causes difficulty in carrying out oil and gas policies.

“This refers to several events in Riau. The existing oil blocks have never been entrusted or given in full to the Riau people through the existing BUMD. Starting from the Siak Block even today the Kampar Block, “said the lecturer at the Faculty of Economics UNRI.

According to Edyanus in the discussion, the idea came up that the regions would have an endowment fund. So that in the future Riau can have the power to manage its own oil blocks and existing coal resources.

“It often happens to throw a ball, when we ask data from oil and gas companies or operators, they say they have to go to SKK Migas. At SKK Migas, we are instead directed to the oil and gas information center in Jakarta and so on, ” he added.

PWYP Indonesia Coordinator, Maryati Abdullah, explained that currently, the regional education about oil and gas revenue sharing, oil and gas management, and then the optimization of the regional workforce is still not in progress. This is because foreign investors and the government still coordinate in dredging natural resources, without regard to producing regions. (Mar)

Source: riaupos.co