Bali, 6 October 2022 – Happening from 5-7 October 2022 at Hilton Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, the C20 Summit is held as the peak event of the civil 20 (C20) – an official civil society platform for the G20 – which is set to present a set of grassroots and global civil society’s demands and aspirations across multiple issues called the C20 Communiqué to the G20.

In front of 688 people and civil society organizations worldwide who gather at the C20 Summit both in person and virtually, Sugeng Bahagijo, the C20 Chair, and Ah Maftuchan, the C20 Sherpa, read C20 Policy Pack and the C20 Communiqué and handed them over to Minister Airlangga Hartarto from the Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs as the representative of Joko Widodo, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, who serves as the G20 Chairman this year.

“The deliberation is thorough, detailed, involving countless discussions and dialogues among CSO actors, governments and other stakeholders. More than 50 discussions, meetings, seminars, policy dialogue and consultations have been held”, reveals Ah Maftuchan, the C20 Sherpa, on the development process of the C20 policy pack that has been inclusive and participatory. The C20 Policy Pack is a product of the C20 which comprises 280 organizations, representing the view of Civil Society Organizations in 65 countries across the 5 continents.

The C20 Communiqué comprises a 2-page summarized document contains a series of suggested solutions to the world’s problems across seven thematic issues; (i) Vaccine Access and Global Health; (ii) Gender Equality and Disability; (iii) Taxation, Sustainable Finance and Debt; (iv) Environment, Climate Justice and Energy Transition; (v) SDGs and Humanitarian; (vi) Education, Digitalization, and Civic Spaces and; (vii) Anti-Corruption.

Minister Airlangga expresses his appreciation for the substantial solution devised by civil society. Responding to the robust demands of the people, he states the G20 needs advocacy and recommendations from C20 to strengthen the government’s policy. “I have seen the inclusiveness of the C20 where 668 members across the world attended. Congratulations. Inclusivity is essential to promote social inclusion for the post-pandemic. The C20 has an important role in being a key partner in giving recommendations to help people cope with the current situation. We hope that inclusiveness can be maintained. The G20 needs advocacy and recommendations from C20 to strengthen our policy. The Policy Pack will serve as a valuable point of view,”

The C20 Summit also marks the final ceremony of the C20 Indonesia and during the second day of the Summit, the Indonesian presidency handed over the chairmanship to the C20 India, as the next G20 President in 2023. Represented by all Civil Society Organizations from India who attended the event in person, India accepted the baton from Herni Ramdlaningrum, the C20 Indonesia Co-Chair.

“We congratulate Indian CSOs as they resume the Presidency for the coming year and we wish to assure you of the continued support from us in Indonesia and from all other C20 members. We are optimistic that India will work further in a more constructive social dialogue with the G20 and assure that the G20 India presidency will provide a better space for C20 to be involved in the process of G20 India. The G20 process should become a real and substantial democracy arena at the global level”, says Herni Ramdlaningrum.

The delivery of the Communiqué and policy pack will not be the final act of the C20 to communicate with the G20 leaders. The C20 is planning to hold another series of activities approaching the upcoming G20 Summit in November and arrange a side event during the G20 Summit.

“C20 leaders plan to smoothen the presidency-handing over from Indonesia to India, control the recommendations of C20, and oversee the implementation of the G20 commitments,” adds Aryanto Nugroho, a C20 Co-Chair.

The C20 sees the urgency for the G20 leaders to listen to the voices and recommendations of civil societies and to collaborate with and for the people and the grassroots communities.

“We have witnessed and learned the hard way with the COVID-19 crisis, that the best way to get through the crisis is working together, governments, civil society and community-based organizations. ‘Recover together, Recover Stronger’ must apply to civil society organizations, communities, the private sector, academia and everyone, leaving no one behind,” says Guillermina Alaniz, the International Advisory Committee of the C20.

During the 3-day C20 Summit, strong messages to the G20 leaders are orchestrated through a series of activities. Parallel thematic discussions on various topics will be held. In addition, a bazaar and exhibitions from numerous civil society organizations that display and sell eco-friendly products, also local cultural souvenirs embellish the Summit. On the third day, this Summit will present a flashmob, as well as the #YouAreHeard Festival filled with arts and music shows to celebrate the civil society’s joy.

Contact person:

Ah Maftuchan, Sherpa of the C20 Indonesia

About the Civil 20 (C20):

C20 is one of the official Engagement Groups of the G20. It provides a platform for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) around the world to voice the people’s aspirations with the world’s leaders in the G20. The C20 engages more than 800 civil societies representatives and networks from various countries beyond the members of the G20. As of today, 65 countries from 5 continents and more than 350 civil society organizations from around the world (34% of it is Indonesian and 66% of it is international) have joined as C20 members.

About the C20 Summit:

The Civil Society 20 (C20) Summit is a convening ahead of the G20 Leaders Summit 2022, which is hosted by Indonesia, as the leader of this year’s C20. The C20 Summit is a civil society-led event bringing together civil societies from across G20 countries as well as other countries around the world particularly the global south to discuss and debate the G20 Leaders’ agenda, the priority issues to be proposed to the G20 leaders, and officially handover the final Communique to G20 leader.