C20 is a platform of Civil Society Organizations around the world to bring forth the political dialogue with the G20. The Civil 20 process involves a wide variety of organizations and networks far beyond the G20 countries and it is structured around the C20 Guiding Principles.

C20 Indonesia has officially mapped out the key issues that are essential to be fought for and divided them into a number of working groups, including the Anti-Corruption Working Groups (ACWG).

C20 is encouraging G20 commitment on strengthening implementation of Anti-Corruption Action Plan 2022-2024, particularly complianced with existing G20 commitments and treaty obligations on deepening impact of the following international anti-corruption agendas; Promoting actions to prevent and tackling corruption in cross cutting area of priority for the wider international community and meet with the upcoming anti-corruption challenges identified by the international community those are involving civil society.

C20 also encourage global effort to prevent and address conflicts of interest problems that become a trend of corruption in recent years. The priority of issues include efforts to enhance transparency and integrity in the private sector, beneficial ownership disclosure, combating money laundering and recovery of stolen assets. The strategy will initiate through establishing the Professional Integrity enabler and developing Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA); building public participation on Open Contracting; and tackling corruption in the energy transition and digital sector.