Jakarta- The year of 2017 has ended which indicates one decade of Publish What You Pay Indonesia’s advocacy work in improving the extractive sector governance, including oil, gas, mining, and other natural resources. The year of 2018 comes with its own challenge and more solid and well-structured advocacy which promote effective governance is urgently needed.

To develop framework of planning and measurement tool on evaluating the accomplishment of advocacy target, PWYP Indonesia held coordination meeting between Board-National Coordinator last (10-11/1) in Bogor, West Java.

Maryati Abdullah, National Coordinator of PWYP Indonesia said “There are three main agenda in this meeting, including delivery of 2017 Annual Report, evaluation of 2017 program accomplishment as well as formulation of 2018 workplan”.

A number of issues will be PWYP’s focus in this political year, including advocacy of regulation and policy improvement in the extractive sector such as Oil and Gas Law Revision and Mineral and Coal Law Revision; strengthening the downstream of mining industry and the increase of added value; improving the integrity and anti-corruption system through National Movement in Saving the Natural Resources; Co-Creation in promoting transparency and accountability in extractive sector through Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) and Open Government Partnership (OGP).

“Besides that, in discussing and improving PWYP Indonesia’s work, there will be a review and revision the Finance and Employment Standard Operational Procedure,” said Maryati.

Fabby Tumiwa, Head of Board PWYP Indonesia said, “This routine meeting is an important element to govern the coalition and realize its vision. This meeting is the manifestation of board’s function in suggesting direction and input, also taking a control in implementing the statute and the coalition governance.”