ASEAN energy consumption is forecasted to rise because of the
significant growth of economy and population in the region. Coal
use continuously increase as a replacement for oil and natural gas.
ASEAN plays significant roles in coal consumption and production in Asia
Pacific. Using the value chain approach, it is projected that coal producer
countries in ASEAN will have the chance to maximize the market through
bilateral trade or AEC framework. The AEC can foster market integration
in ASEAN, builds awareness of ASEAN countries to develop their
infrastructure in energy sufficiency, as well as develops clean coal
technology. Coal production in ASEAN will still leant on Indonesia as the
main exporter in ASEAN. Energy policy of each country in ASEAN has a lot
of things in common, which provides the space of building further regional
coooperation in managing energy features. The future of coal sector in
ASEAN will highly depends on advancement of technology, improvement
of governance, effeciency of transportation, and connectivity between
the countries. Strengthening cooperation and coordination must be a key
strategy for ASEAN countries to ensure readiness in facing AEC.