Sentul-Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia held a Work Meeting of the Governing Board and National Secretariat of the PWYP Indonesia Coalition on February 26-27, 2024. This meeting is an essential milestone in evaluating achievements in 2023 and formulating work plans for the coming year.

Surrounded by nature, productivity was high during the meeting of Steering Committee members with the PWYP Indonesia national secretariat. Our primary focus was to review PWYP Indonesia’s contribution to various issues, including energy transition, regional and global networks, organizational governance, social media, and PWYP Indonesia’s business entity.

Members of the Governing Board criticized and praised the performance of the PWYP Indonesia National Secretariat in 2023. Some of the critical points raised include reviewing the PWYP National Secretariat’s Guidelines for Work (GBHK) and Priority Agenda (AP) for navigation in 2024, PWYP Indonesia’s commitment to the Priority Agenda without dependence on donors, improving social media content, efforts to form a legal entity for the PWYP Indonesia National Secretariat’s business unit, and the PWYP Indonesia asset disposal agenda.

On the second day, the focus of the meeting shifted to more detailed discussions related to the formation of the General Meeting of Members (RUA) Committee, the preparation of the Strategic Plan (Renstra), the election of a national coordinator, a steering committee, and a national conference on natural resource governance. Some committee results include the division of tasks for the conference, the document drafting committee, and the candidate selection committee.

The meeting was also essential for PWYP Indonesia to discuss and agree on the Institute’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to strengthen organizational governance. The SOPs discussed included the Code of Ethics, Anti-Corruption, and Conflict of Interest.

Thus, the 2024 working meeting is a strong foundation for PWYP Indonesia to move forward in a more solid and structured manner. In facing various challenges in extractive transparency, PWYP Indonesia emphasizes its commitment to continue to play an active role in fighting for openness and accountability in Indonesia’s extractive industry.