In today’s digital era, the need for a website for an organization is becoming increasingly important. By having a website, institutions can directly present information about their work or products. Through the website, it is also possible for organizations to distribute information to the public about what activities are being carried out. Thus, the website can be an effective means of communication for organizations and increase credibility or brand in the eyes of the public.

Based on this shared awareness, Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia, through the BUILD program, explore the needs of coalition members who do not yet have a website. The mapping results found that several coalition member organizations do not yet have an organizational website. Some organizations have already experienced website management challenges, especially in building an attractive and user-friendly website. Therefore, after conducting the necessary assessments, the National Secretariat of PWYP Indonesia has assisted some coalition members in developing and assisting websites for members in need for the past few months.

Until the end of 2020, it was recorded that two organizations had their new websites, namely LPAD Riau and AKAR Foundation. Website development for members of the PWYP Indonesia coalition is carried out through several activities, ranging from providing servers, templates to assistance and website maintenance for the next three years. The Director of LPAD Riau, Ikhsan, expressed his gratitude for this initiative considering its strategic function for future organizational development. “Currently, we are filling out the website content that has been completed,” he said.

Meanwhile, the AKAR Foundation has been assisted in updating the website, especially in terms of appearance and menus. It is considered essential because the AKAR Foundation is active in uploading different content ranging from program articles and publications to galleries and shops, which can be accessed via With the new look now, it is hoped that the number of visitors to the AKAR Foundation website can increase so that it can provide benefits for both internal organizations and other related parties.

This website development and mentoring program will continue in 2021 by doing the same for several other member organizations, including POKJA 30 in East Kalimantan, GERAK in Aceh, and LEPMIL in Southeast Sulawesi. As before, this process is carried out through several stages, starting from discussions between organizations, collecting materials, to creating and assisting websites. Aryanto Nugroho as the Coordinator of PWYP Indonesia, hopes that with the increasing number of coalition member organizations that have this website, they can improve the quality of their organization. Especially considering that along with the development of today’s digitalization era, the role of the website is increasingly strategic as an online office or home that directly reflects the existence and portfolio of each organization. (SAA)