Jakarta – PWYP Indonesia and Bina Bangda SUPD 1 invited the provincial government (pemprov) of West Java to a workshop on the technical guidance dashboard for strategic plan development. On November 22nd, 2023, the technical guidance model to be used by Bina Bangda SUPD 1 reached its finalization stage, and it is planned that the provincial government will test this dashboard on December 8th, 2023. Experts Erick Hutrindo and Muhammad Ardisa were present to follow up on the discussions from the previous dashboard and guide workshop participants in using the dashboard. This technical guide had previously received approval for testing by SUPD 1, scheduled for December 8th, 2023.

The workshop session ran smoothly. In addition to deliberating on the technical guidance model with the West Java provincial government, experts, SUPD 1 from the Directorate General of Bina Bangda Kemendagri, and PWYP Indonesia revisited and evaluated the substance that could be revised to ensure the instrument adapts to the province’s needs. The process is essential to ensure the smooth implementation of the instrument throughout Indonesia. This instrument will not only be tested by other provincial governments in the future, but The program will also invite other experts to provide substantial insights and inputs.

Technical guidance simulation for strategic planning is part of the Capacity Strengthening Program for Institutions and Coalitions for Transparent, Fair, and Sustainable Extractive Resource Governance Reform, which is part of the BUILD Program supported by the Ford Foundation. This instrument model will facilitate the connection between programs and activities developed to achieve macro development targets such as economic growth and poverty alleviation and sectoral development targets such as electrification ratios, energy mix, etc. PWYP Indonesia, as an institution focusing on improving the governance of the energy and mineral resources sector, places particular emphasis on the importance of synergy between the Central Government and Regional Governments in achieving strategic national development goals, especially in the energy and mineral resources sector.

Author: Ersya Shafira Nailuvar
Reviewer: Meliana Lumbantoruan