The Covid-19 pandemic, as it is known, has spread globally to almost all countries worldwide. The impact is not only in the health sector but also in all sectors of the economy and development. The Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted the government and civil society movements, including the PWYP Indonesia coalition and members in the regions and their assisted communities at the grassroots level.

Therefore, a robust Asia Pacific PWYP Coalition is needed. In this case, the coalition must be able to survive and adapt to a pandemic situation – to work flexibly without ignoring the principles in the coalition. In addition, effective coordination between PWYP members in Indonesia and among regional members of the Asia Pacific coalition is essential in achieving a global strategy that aligns with the 2020-2025 vision.

Accordingly, this project was developed and proposed to help coalition members adapt to the current pandemic by strengthening effective cross-country coordination between PWYP coalitions and encouraging them to share experiences among members. In addition, to support the PWYP Indonesia National Secretariat to facilitate the participation of more inclusive coalition members to be involved in implementing the 2020-2025 PWYP Global Strategy.

In particular, the project funds are used to increase the knowledge and capacity of coalition members in understanding in-depth global issues such as energy transition and contract openness/benefit ownership in extractive industries, as well as facilitating national PWYPs and coalition members to be actively involved in sharing knowledge between countries. Furthermore, developing an Asia Pacific regional advocacy strategy as part of collective action.

Supported by the PWYP Global Secretariat, this project plays an essential role in accelerating the progress of the PWYP Global Strategy 2020-2025 through capacity building and effective coordination among member country coalitions through the development of regional advocacy strategy plans.