Taliwang, Sumbawanews.com.- Community Solidarity for Transparency (SOMASI) NTB conducted a partnership program with the West Sumbawa regional government to optimize the Documentation Information Processing Officer (PPID) in the region.

This was done to encourage transparency in the use of revenue sharing from the extractive sector, namely the mining sector to support poverty reduction.

The program coordinator, Deny Wanputra, said to this media on Tuesday (6/5) yesterday at the public relations office of the KSB regional government, the PPID optimization program is a series of programs to clarify the allocation of funds for the mining sector, especially to alleviate poverty in the regions.

The strengthening of PPID is very necessary because it is not just talking in the context of the spirit of public information openness, but it is a part of efforts to reduce the potential for corruption of collusion in regional nepotism. Moreover, West Sumbawa, as an area with huge mining potential with PT NNT in it, certainly has a large budget to reduce poverty.

“We want to build partnerships, and hopefully this will be the first step to optimizing PPID for poverty alleviation,” he said.

Deny, who was present with a number of his teams at the time, went directly to the West Sumbawa public relations office and received a positive response from the local government. In addition, to support the program, deny with his team is scheduled to meet with TKPKD to discuss the format and development of TKPKD in West Sumbawa.

“This program is good, we also thank and welcome this assistance,” said the head of public relations of the KSB regional government.

So far, the West Sumbawa regional government has established a PPID structure and is currently designing technical rules to support the implementation of PPID in the bureaucracy. However, he admitted that there were several obstacles to optimizing PPID so that the presence of the Somasi NTB along with the program would be able to accelerate the optimal PPID (Unang Silatang).

Source: Sumbawanews