JAKARTA – Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia states, there are unscrupulous entrepreneurs who secretly export mineral mines. You do this by using the ‘rat’ symbol. Indonesian PWYP Communications Manager Agung Budiono said the government must be able to supervise the entrepreneurs involved. So there will be no more illegal mineral mining exports.

“We remind the government to exercise strict monitoring of ‘rat’ ports. This is often used by mineral mining entrepreneurs who export raw materials secretly, “he said in Jakarta, Sunday (9/25/2016).

Agung said, the government must also improve the supervision system of the ports which are the exit for mineral and coal. Besides building and developing aspects of the port that is integrated with IT standards.

“This also includes aspects of law enforcement against companies that are proven to carry out illegal exports,” he said.

He explained, now was not the right time for the government to re-discuss the relaxation of concentrate exports. Because what is needed right now is a comprehensive strategy from upstream to downstream to ensure the implementation of policies in the mineral and coal sector.

“By ensuring the progress of all smelter development, intense coordination with ministries related to the development of downstream industries including mitigation of environmental and social issues due to the development of downstream industries,” concluded Agung.

In Media, Media Coverage | PWYP Indonesia | September 26th , 2016